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Manage your stress "online".

Navy Environmental Health Center (NEHC) Portsmouth launched a Web-based tool early this summer known as the Navy Systematic Stress Management Program, to assist active-duty Sailors and Marines and their families in managing stress.

This program is the latest innovation in NEHC's health promotion community health awareness campaign, offering strategies for prevention, management and early intervention for stress.

"We all face stress every day, and can benefit from and improve our stress control strategies and stress-busting skills," said Dr. Mark Long, NEHC's program specialist for stress management. "Stress is part of daily living, and the better we can cope with distress, then the better we can deal with life, work, relationships and other stressors."

The intent of the program is to enable any user access to a stress management tool regardless of location.

"It doesn't matter if you're at sea, deployed to Iraq, on duty or at home; the Web-based program is available 24/7," Long said. "Think of using the program as a way to build your stress muscles, to improve your resiliency or even as a stress tune-up."

Equally important is the fact that the Navy Systematic Stress Management Program supports healthcare providers, supervisors, or anyone else involved in stress management intervention, as well as individuals using the program as a "self-help" tool. In short, anyone (including family members or retirees) looking for stress management assistance can use this tool if they have access to a personal computer.

For more information on dealing with stress, visit the Navy Systematic Stress Management Program homepage available on the Navy Environmental Health Center Web site at

Story by Hugh Cox, public affairs

office, Navy Environmental Health

Center, Portsmouth, Va.
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Title Annotation:Around the Fleet; Navy Environmental Health Center's Navy Systematic Stress Management Program
Author:Cox, Hugh
Publication:All Hands
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Date:Sep 1, 2005
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