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Man wires 1,000 volts to his van door after tool thefts; Ray Taylor has lost [pounds sterling]5,000 worth of tools in two years.

Byline: Neil Shaw

A man fed up with having [pounds sterling]5,000 of tools raided from his van over the last two years has wired the door handles to a 1,000 volt current.

Ray Talor has also added a 120dB siren, two sound bombs and a strobe light to his Citroen Dispatch - alongside a sign warning thieves of the shock device.

Electrician Ray Taylor, 61, r told The Sun: "They'll get a zap." He added: "It's solved all my problems, so I can sleep easy.

"The shock isn't going to do any lasting damage but it will make you jump a bit."

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Mr Taylor has connected a modified fly-zapper to his van and is now charging other people [pounds sterling]380 to fit similar devices to their vehicles.

He says police have told him the device can be used so long as there is a sign on the van which clearly states it is electrified.

But Mr Taylor's local force, West Midlands Police, say they cannot condone his tactics.

Mr Talor has placed a sign which reads: 'Danger Live Terminals' under the handle - the only part of the van to be electrified.

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Publication:Get Reading (Reading, England)
Date:Aug 1, 2019
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