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Man the lifeboats.

Thank you, Andrew Sullivan, for "A Call to Arms" [Last Word, November 11]. We need to wake up and realize just how harmful the Federal Marriage Amendment would be. In California we have struggled for a dozen years to, first, get domestic partners recognized by the state and then, year after year, have more benefits added. If this hateful measure were to pass, we would be not just back to square one but completely off the board--permanent second-class citizens. We need to fight back. All I hear is, "It can't happen, so why worry?" It reminds me of the passengers on the Titanic.

Sam Catalano, Sacramento, Calif.

Whenever I hear the right wing compare homosexuals to murderers, child abusers, rapists, and such, I am always incensed. Yet Andrew Sullivan in his column listed foreigners in the same sentence as those who violate others. My experience is that everyone, including me, is a bigot. The difference is, some of us work hard at learning to overcome what we have learned throughout a lifetime, while others make Freudian slips, like Sullivan did, or worse.

Chao-I Chen, Plainfield, N.J.
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Date:Dec 9, 2003
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