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Man settles out of court with diocese, accused priest.

NEW BRIGHTON, Pa. - A man who accused a Pittsburgh priest of sexually abusing him throughout his teen years settled out of court with the Pittsburgh diocese and Fr. Anthony Cipolla.

Timothy Bendig, 24, of Pittsburgh dropped his suit Sept. 30, two days before jury selection was set to begin. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed; the original suit sought $25,000 in damages. Bendig, an unemployed seminary dropout, said that he had suffered years of mental anguish and that the settlement money would help finance the intense therapy he must receive to overcome the abuse.

Bendig filed suit in 1988, alleging priest Anthony Cipolla had a sexual relationship with him from Bendig's days as a 13-year-old altar boy until he turned 18. Bishop Donald Wuerl suspended Cipolla from active priesthood, but the suspension was overturned by a Vatican court in March. The court ordered Wuerl to reinstate Cipolla and condemned the bishop for misusing canon law and due-process procedures.

Because Wuerl filed an appeal, Cipolla's suspension stands.

The diocese and Bendig made their agreement without consulting Cipolla's attorney, John Conte. Conte was miffed at the settlement, saying he is disappointed the public couldn't hear testimonies by almost 70 former altar boys, all of whom he said were ready to testify and clear Cipolla's name.

Conte told reporters Cipolla was seeking reassignment to another diocese or a religious order. The Pittsburgh diocese will inform Cipolla's prospective employers of the allegations filed against him, a diocesan spokesman said.
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Title Annotation:Timothy Bendig; Fr. Anthony Cipolla
Author:Schreffler, Rebekah
Publication:National Catholic Reporter
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Date:Oct 15, 1993
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