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Man opens fire at Louis Armstrong International Airport.


A man opened fire at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans on Wednesday (22 May) after people allegedly made fun of his turban.

The man, aged 43, was at the airport with his mother to drop off a passenger. He claims that he returned to his car after he heard people making rude comments about the turban he was wearing, and retrieved a duffel bag with a shotgun in. The man then opened fire, wounding an airline passenger in the stomach and an airline employee in the hand.

Bystanders reportedly tackled the gunman, who was standing in the ticket lobby of the airport. Witnesses of the shooting said the gun may have misfired or jammed. It is currently unclear whether the man actually had the duffel bag on him or returned to the car to collect it before the attack.

The man has been held on two counts of attempted murder and illegally carrying a weapon. He may also face federal charges, reported The Associated Press.

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Publication:Airline Industry Information
Date:May 23, 2002
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