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Man behind the organisation.

Man Behind the Organisation

The Wellcome Foundation Limited a renowned British pharmaceutical company, was founded on September 27th 1880 by two enterprising American Pharmacists, Silas M. Burroughs and Henry S. Wellcome, who later settled in England. First they imported the products from American pharmaceutical companies and then manufactured under partnership in their own name - Burroughs Wellcome Company. The partnership marked the dawn of a new era for pharmacy in Great Britain. For the first time scientific methods of analysis and quality control in the production of medicines were introduced and more emphasis was laid on scientific research, which was little known in the commercial world. To facilitate the research work, two high quality research laboratories, one in England and the other in the United States were established. Fundamental scientific discoveries have been made in both the laboratories and five scientists associated with The Wellcome Foundation have so far received NOBEL prizes in the field of medical research.

Sir Henry Wellcome brought all his business interests together under the name of The Wellcome Foundation Limited in 1924 with the fundamental aim of: "The discovery, development, manufacturer and sale of products to promote the health and hygiene of man and animals".

After the death of Sir Henry Wellcome in 1936, The Wellcome Trust was established for the support of medical and allied research in universities and hospitals around the world. The Wellcome Trust is the largest endowed Charitable Trust in the U.K.

Today the Wellcome Group employs more than 20,000 people around the world and its annual sales turnover is approximately $2.5 billion.

Wellcome Pakistan Limited

Wellcome Pakistan Limited, is a subsidiary of The Wellcome Foundation Limited, London, England. It was incorporated on January 29th, 1955 at Karachi as a Private Limited Company with the main objective of manufacturing and supplying life-saving drugs and medicines in Pakistan. The Company was converted into a Public Limited Company on March 16th, 1980. During the past 26 years the Company has grown into a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing unit, producing high-quality drugs and medicines at three different factories in the Sindh Industrial Estate of Karachi.

The Company employs over 1,400 people and registered all-time record sales of Rs. 840 million in 1990. It recently completed BASIC MANUFACTURE PROJECT to produce TRIMETHOPRIM locally which will save valuable foreign exchange for the country to the extent of Rs. 45 million annually. The Company's five year plan to expand and modernise its production, technical, distribution and information technology facilities is currently being implemented with an investment of Rs. 450 million under able and dynamic leadership of its Chief Executive, Dr. M.S. Habib. Wellcome's achievements under Dr. Habib are quite considerable and these are indisputable. During his nine years as Chairman and 20 years as Chief Executive, the Company's assets and sales turnover have grown over eighty times. Over 100 new products have been successfully launched in the Pakistan market. Today, Wellcome Pakistan Limited is recognised and acknowledged as manufacturer of high-quality drugs and medicines at a very economical cost.

Let us closely examine the man behind this unprecedented growth of Wellcome Pakistan Limited.

The Man

Dr. M.S. Habib

A Man of Many Qualities

Opinions may vary as to who is the most successful business executive in Pakistan but most people agree that Dr. M.S. Habib, Chairman and Chief Executive of Wellcome Pakistan Limited is not only a successful business executive but he is also a charismatic and dynamic personality.

Dr. Habib was a brilliant student throughout his academic career. In school, college and at the university, he was always at the centre of the stage, whether it be the examination hall or curricular activities. Born in Faisalabad (Punjab) on November 23, 1933, Dr. Habib studied at different institutions. He did his B.Sc. (Hons.) and M.Sc. (Hons.) from the Punjab University and Ph.D. from Kings College University of London. He is a very able chemical scientist and unlike many scientists who flourish mainly in the confines of college and university class rooms, he has gained high stature in the corporate world.

Dr. Habib has been associated with the Company for the past three decades. He commenced his career as a Chemical Analyst in 1961. Since then he has worked in various capacities, i.e. General Manager, Production Director, Managing Director and was finally appointed Chairman and Chief Executive of the Company in 1982.

To begin his career from the lower rung of the ladder to reach the top is indeed quite remarkable. His rise to the highest position in this Company was propelled by his administrative skill, pragmatic and imaginative planning and mastery of conceptualising, in addition to high quality of leadership, strong determination to succeed, dedication, hard work and absolute trust and faith in the Will of God Almighty. Dr. Habib says "I believe that hard work, dedication and commitment are the three essential ingredients for success ..... and, of course, if you are striving for excellence, you must be very good or try to be very good". Dr. Habib is a great believer in God's blessings. He says "All inspiration comes from God Almighty. I strongly believe that eventual fate of a person is determined by his Creator - but at the same time, God has ordained that human beings must also make sincere efforts before seeking blessings from The Almighty God.

Dr. Habib is also President of the Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce & Industry and The Formanites Association of Pakistan. Member of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Foreign Trade Institute of Pakistan, Pakistan Institute of Management and Trustee Karachi Port Trust. He is also on the Advisory Council of every Ministry of the Government of Pakistan, numbering nearly ten.

I single out Dr. Habib, not because he occupies position which is in any way different from that of other chief executives of multinational companies but he is also gifted with great personal charm. Although he has achieved a very high position in the commercial world, he is very humble, courteous and easily approachable. These are the symbols of greatness of the man.

He is also a very good conversationalist and moves from one topic to another with ease and subtlety. He has a good sense of humour. He has the ability to listen to others and is always willing to change his mind if there is expression of better opinion. He does not indulge in campaign of vilification against his opponents. By nature he is extremely tolerant. He faces challenges and difficult situations boldly.

The silver-haired Dr. Habib, with an air of intellect, is an out-spoken man. He has full grasp over the field in which he specialises. Additionally, he is very knowledgeable in management and marketing matters.

With his vast experience in management, Dr. Habib has succeeded in building a strong team of managerial staff. His positive approach, his deep sense of dedication and loyalty have won for him highest acclaim within the organisation and outside. He has the tenacity and courage to face upto tough situations and he has the will and resolve to come through periods of crisis successfully. He is compassionate and forgiving but not at the expense of maintenance of discipline and principles stand. He is a strong believer indelegation of authority and he encourages full participation of management staff in evolution of company policies. He appreciates and applauds competence and dedicated hard work. He encourages original thinking and admires imaginative, analytical and thought-provoking style of modern management.

Dr. Habib is a very strong advocate of free economic enterprise, deregulation and disinvestment. Quite rightly he feels that in order to attract foreign private investment to Pakistan, deregulation of the country's economy is absolutely crucial. He also believes very strongly that prices of drugs and medicines ought to be decontrolled by the Federal Government so that the process of growth and expansion of this vital sector of our economy could be accelerated to reach a stage where pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan could possibly become export-oriented. His feelings on this subject are understandable when, at the same time, I consider the fact that delinking of Pak Rupee from U.S. Dollar has resulted in steep rise in costs of imported raw and packaging materials aggravated by rapid decline of Pak Rupee against all major currencies.

Let us now look at the more personal and private life of the man who has been a dynamic force behind the phenominal rise of Wellcome Pakistan. Dr. Habib is fond of Gardens full of roses and likes to wear a rose everyday matching his suit and tie. He loves challenges in business and sports and was a keen table-tennis player and golfer. He likes to spend weekends if he could get one, with his family. For last 4-5 years Dr. Habib has been travelling abroad extensively on company's businesses, so much so that he is less in Pakistan and more in foreign countries and there seems no end to it either, for the time being. He is full of energy and has lot of time for others.
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