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Man Filmed Himself Trying To Rape 18-Month-Old.

An Essex man who filmed himself raping an 18-month-old baby, was sentenced to ten years imprisonment Wednesday. He was accused of sexually abusing three children in total and had over 1,000 images of children being abused.

Joshua Gould, 23, had 1,300 indecent images of children and also extreme pornographic images, includingd a female dog involved in sexual activity in his external hard drive.

Police had raided the man's house in January last year after IP address showed he was uploading photos of children. He admitted to having indecent photos of children and also said his girlfriend knew nothing about it. Gould told them that he knew he was "wrong in the head" and "found pleasure in the images."

During investigation, officials found the indecent material also contained live images and videos of himself abusing children, with one of them showing him trying to rape an 18-month-old baby and another showing him exposing himself during a game of "hide and seek."

During interviews, he refused to answer questions but however, named the baby he had abused, forcing the child's parents to look at the images to identify them, ( Metro reported.

He pleaded guilty to eight charges at Basildon Crown Court and was sentenced to a decade in prison. "Ten years is not enough," a person screamed from the public gallery after his sentencing, ( Essex Live reported.

Mark Savage, who is representing him, said, "The defendant had been committing these crimes for a number of years. He is still a young man and he would have been a young teenager when he began offending in this way. The actions have carried on to adult life and I don't underestimate their impact."

"From the moment he was arrested he did not seek to undermine his culpability, he contacted the police, he wrote to the police, and he wasn't represented initially. In fact, he explained to the police 'this is what you will find on my equipment. He cannot explain why he has offended in this way, he made full admissions, and he said he 'was not right in the head', he was disgusted by his behavior," he added.

Judge Samantha Leigh said, "Parents had to identify their children from the photographs, which of course makes it worse in their mind. They have now seen a very small part of what you did to their daughters. This has been going on for a number of years, and you said you were an opportunist, but that's not what I have [gathered] from some of the footage and from the span of time."


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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Feb 1, 2019
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