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Man, 92, fails in bid to swim across a NH lake.

ASHLAND, N.H. -- A 92-year-old ex-Marine known as the Paddling Professor came up short Monday in his bid to swim 2 miles across a lake and had to be removed from the water and treated for exposure to the cold.

Harry Briggs, who has swum across Lake Erie, in shark-infested waters between Corsica and Sardinia and 30 miles around Lake Winnipesaukee, was trying to swim across Little Squam Lake and raise money from sponsors for the Plymouth State University women's tennis team, whose members cheered him on.

He entered the water Monday afternoon at Riveredge Marina in Ashland. He made it about two-thirds of the way to his destination at Walter's Basin Restaurant in Holderness. He planned to swim along the shoreline so he wouldn't drift off course, but he battled a strong headwind during the swim and had to be pulled out and treated for hypothermia, spokesman Mike Moffett said.

Briggs, who was doing OK after the aborted Labor Day swim, said he wasn't able to see well in the water because of the wind. He said he was going to recharge his batteries for a while before deciding what to do next.

Briggs said before his swim that his body can't handle the low water temperatures like it did in 1957 when he became the first person to swim 32 miles across Lake Erie and had to be treated for hypothermia.
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Publication:Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)
Date:Sep 3, 2013
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