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Man's 'evil' sex assault on girl, 10, at festival.

Byline: Liz Keen Reporter

A PAEDOPHILE sexually assaulted a child at Porthcawl's Elvis Presley Festival after being aroused by girls who were wearing short skirts.

Raymond Minty, 54, said he ducked into an alleyway to perform a sex act on himself after passing the teenagers and seeing their legs.

But once there, he instead assaulted a 10-year-old who was also visiting the popular annual seaside event.

He admitted putting his hands underneath her clothing.

Judge Stephen Hopkins QC told him: "You put your hand down inside her underwear and up under her crop top, touching her unformed breasts - something best described as evil."

Minty, of Heol Tyllwyd, Porth, appeared before Cardiff Crown Court on a live video link from Parc Prison where he has been serving a four-year sentence for previously inciting another child into sexual activity. Judge Hopkins added another year to that term for the Porthcawl offence which had come to light after his last court appearance.

"Had charges against both victims been before me at that time, then I would have given you five years," the judge said to him.

The judge said Minty told police who confronted him about the Elvis day incident: "I want to admit it," he said.

"I was going to meet my brother and I saw a group of three or four teenagers wearing short skirts and that aroused me."

He also said he sometimes looked for someone to perform a sex act on him after watching programmes on TV.

And - giving details of his private life - he said that he was sexually frustrated.

Defence counsel Nicholas Gareth Jones said a pre-sentence report on Minty suggested that he could have better on-going sex offenders' treatment outside a prison environment rather than while staying inside for a short time longer.

But Judge Hopkins told him there was no alternative to being sentenced to a further period behind bars.

The child, he said, had been so shocked and scared that she tried to "blank it out" of her mind but eventually broke down and told her parents what had happened to her in Porthcawl.

Minty pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting her and an original Sex Offenders Prevention Order, that was put on him at Merthyr Crown Court, was ordered to stay in place indefinitely.

It bans him from being in any house, caravan, tent, boat or mobile home where there is any female under 18 and prohibits him from seeking to contact any young girls by any means.
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 30, 2014
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