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Mama mia! (reader forum).

You gave me a wonderful surprise with your story "Love and Kisses, and Your Mama Too!" [June 11]! Thanks for paying attention to recent Mexican film works. Y Tu Mama Tambien is out-loud funny, cynical, fresh, and without any pretentious moralizing regarding sex! Young Mexicans are very proud of this film, which is conquering every film festival around the world--and The Advocate too! I know this article will have great resonance in Mexico. Thanks again, especially for the cover. Those guys look gorgeous!

Irving Dominguez, Mexico City, Mexico

It's true: Audience reaction to Tenoch and Julio's kiss in Y Tu Mama Tambien is country-specific. I saw it in that friendly, gracious country called the East Village. Quite beside there having been dozens of voices yelling "Go for it!" the guy next to me did--by grabbing my hand and pressing it against the solid cactus in his overheated desert! We gay New Yorkers know why we live here.

To me, it seems that Tambien centers on the terminally ill Luisa's belief that, life being so ephemeral, spontaneous, uninhibited behavior can bring sanity and happiness. Without her guiding influence, Tenoch and Julio would probably never have acted on their physical attraction to each other, the taboo against two principally straight men doing so remaining so irrationally strong.

Scott Rose, New York, N.Y.

Film as artistic expression can be ruined by going beyond a perfect magic moment. That is what happened in Y Tu Mama Tambien. The perfect ending for this movie? Have Julio and Tenoch bring their faces close together and, just before the kissing, end the movie. That would have created a moment of magic anticipation. However, Tambien lost sight of that magic, and the rest of the film was about as appetizing as cold beef. Julio and Tenoch's friendship crumbles after their drunken kiss and sexcapade, they meet one last time at a coffeehouse and discuss the fact that their friend Luisa died of cancer, and the two never meet again. I left thoroughly turned-off by the film's weak, sickly ending.

Morgan Hoover Jr., Silver Spring, Md.

Is The Advocate so starved for anything it considers gay on-screen that it would devote a four-page spread and the cover of its June 11 issue to two straight actors in nongay roles who share a less than 20-second kiss in Y Tu Mama Tambien?

In your desperateness, you miss a point: Not every kiss between men--or even every sex act between men--announces gayness. While the movie has certain qualities that make it worth seeing, the first 30 minutes of adolescent callowness is just as boring as any American teenage movie. Whether or not the two boys had sex with each other after the kiss--or even what kind of sex they had--is totally irrelevant except to the most prurient journalism.

Frawley Booker, Van Nuys, Calif.

In quoting Y Tu Mama Tambien director Alfonso Cuaron, you made a mistake in saying he also did Amores Perros. That film was directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu.

Juan Maldonado, Morelos, Mexico
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Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Jul 9, 2002
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