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Mama Elizabeti.

Mama Elizabeti

by Stephanie Stuve Bodeen illustrations by Christy Hale Lee & Low Books, Inc., May 2000 $15.95, ISBN 1-584-30002-7, Ages4-8

Elizabeti has a newborn baby sister and Ellizabeti's Mama must take care of her. So now it is up to Elizabeti to take care of her younger brother Obedi, but she knows just what to do. Elizabeti has a rock named Eva, and she has been taking care of it since Obedi was a baby. Elizabeti takes caring for Obedi very seriously, and ties him to her back with a knaga, just like she did with her rock Eva. But when Elizabeti tries to do chores such as sweeping the floor, Obedi pulls her hair. And when Elizabeti tries to sift the rocks out of the rice, Obedi slaps at the basket and spills some of the rice on the ground. Alter attempting to do several more et her chores, Elizabeti begins to wonder how her Mama ever got anything done. Feeling frustrated at the way things are going, Elizabeti does not want her Mama and Baba to think that she cannot take care of the baby. She does not give up though, and soon finds a way to finish her chores and rock Obedi to sleep, just like her Mama rocks her new baby sister. In this sequel to Elizabeti's Doll, Elizabeti finds that looking after a real child is not as easy as she first thought. Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen does a great job in continuing to tell the stories of Elizabeti. This story is funny and tender, and the earthy illustrations by Christy Hale provide a sense of community in the village and market life often found in rural Africa. Mama Elizabeti is a perfect book for mothers hoping to spend some quality reading time with their daughters.
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Title Annotation:Review
Author:Abif, Khafre
Publication:Black Issues Book Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jul 1, 2000
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