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Maldonado/Rivera win 13 doubles.

In one of the most entertaining matches and events of the week, players battled in the youngest doubles bracket: 13-and-under. The tall and athletic Andres Maldonado, who earned runner-up honors in the 13 singles, teamed with 10-year-old Antonio Rivera to face 11-and-under stars Andres Cordova and Eder Renteria of Mexico.

The younger, smaller lefty-righty duo pushed the stronger, older team to an 11-8 conclusion with the fans glued to their seats.

Maldonado/Rivera survived a close scare in the semis over Young Tang/Abraham Sanchez, a pick-a-partner duo who had never met before this event. Sanchez, of Colorado, and Tang, of California, decided to team up and battled to an 11 -9 defeat.

The future is bright with these youngsters enjoying the camaraderie of doubles.

First round: Andres Cordova/Eder Renteria (Mexico) d. Ayden Brule/Jensen Payton (Ariz.) 4,11; Young Tang/Abraham Sanchez (Calif./Colo.) d. Gabriel Orozco/Lucas Wells (Ariz./Minn.) 0,1; Andres Maldonado/Antonio Rivera (Ariz.) d. Angel Araiza/Colton Stout (Mexico/Ariz.), def. Semis: Cordova/Renteria d. Nathan Stoffel/Zack Wells (Minn.) 8,11; Maldonado/Rivera d. Tang/Sanchez 12, (16), 9. Final: Maldonado/Rivera d. Cordova/Renteria (7), 12,8.

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Date:Feb 1, 2017
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