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Malaysian Flight MH370: Prophecy Video Emerges Dated July 28 [VIDEO].

T.B. Joshua, a Nigerian preacher, has claimed he was able to predict the missing Malaysian flight incident on July 28, 2013. A video of him giving a prophecy emerged and this has been viewed for more than 300,000 times.

According to his prophecy, "an Asian nation" with a "large aircraft, carrying over 200 people would develop a fault soon after takeoff." Joshua went on telling that the fault "can be discovered at that tarmac" and that the fault was because of impatience.

He is a popular preacher and televangelist in Africa. He is among the 50 most influential people in the continent. The church where he preaches owns a Christian television station called Emmanuel TV with 1 million Facebook followers to date.

Joshua's service is sought by African politicians and celebrities.

Watch Video here: ) (Credit: Emmanuel TV YouTube Page)

In Malaysia, a psychic who refused to divulge his identity said "people will be walking out from the wild into civilization" in a day or two.

He called for Malaysian officials to "search inland around Ca Mau, where there's a field just enough for a plane to land."

The psychic added the plane landed in "snowy mountains' of U Minh Thoung National Park in Vietnam."

On Monday, a local "bomoh" (shaman), Ibrahim Mat Zin who is more popularly called as Raja Bomoh Sedunia Nujum VIP performed a ritual at the KL International Airport (KLIA).

According to a report from Free Malaysia Today, Ibrahim claimed one of top Malaysian officials invited him to track the missing Malaysian flight through ritual and prayers.

"We use fish trap hook and a bamboo binocular to look and ask for the victims to be found as soon as possible," he said.

After the fish trap ritual, Ibrahim said a prayer at the KLIA entrance.

"During my prayer, my eyes hurt and my vision turned black. I think the plane is still in the air or has crashed into the sea. I will come back here (to KLIA) in another two days after performing my prayers and I will bring something," he added.

Ibrahim became popular as a bomoh for his 50 years of experience and offering his service to locate victims for Malaysia's major catastrophic incidents such as Highland Tower tragedy, Kuala Dipang flood and the Mona Fendy murder case.

Malaysian Prime Minsiter Najib Razak said the government welcomes all effort in locating the missing Malaysian flight MH370, including spiritual means by "bohos" as long as these methods do not contradict Islam.

"We appreciate all help...but where it comes to mysticism, the methods used must conform to Islamic teachings," Razak said during a press conference at the 35th National-level Quran Recital Programme.

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