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Don't breach Constitution by banning transgender Muslims from entering mosques, religious authorities told. Sep 29, 2021 496
Malaysia presents award to MWL secretary-general. Arab News Aug 11, 2021 248
Malaysia grants Dr. Al-Issa the Prophet's Hijra Award for the First Muslim Personality. Egypt Today staff Aug 10, 2021 224
OctaFX partners with Pertubuhan Tindakan Wanita Islam (PERTIWI) to distribute charity dinners during. Aug 3, 2021 393
Islam should be blessing to all including transgender persons, activists stress as PAS opposes Suhakam's research. Jun 17, 2021 459
Muhyiddin: Muslim world must ensure worldview of Islam continues to be properly studied. Jun 8, 2021 396
Muslim World League strengthens cooperation with Malaysia to combat terrorism. Apr 11, 2021 349
Be mindful of Malaysia's plurality, Sabah CM says as 'Allah' storm rages on. Mar 24, 2021 488
Johor's Sultan Ibrahim backs Putrajaya appeal against High Court ruling on 'Allah' use. Mar 18, 2021 431
Foreign investors stay net buyers of local equities so far in March, says Bank Islam economist. Mar 15, 2021 462
Malay Muslim groups demand that government appeal High Court's 'Allah' ruling. Mar 14, 2021 291
Towards a Malay-Islam Leadership: Use of the term 'Allah' - Tawfik Tun Dr Ismail. Mar 14, 2021 1237
Malaysia reels from fake halal meat scandal, consumer mistrust. Ushar Daniele Feb 13, 2021 1269
Perak allows congregational prayers with maximum of 120 people. Feb 9, 2021 509
Selangor Islamic enforcers probed for violence against Nur Sajat in arrest for 'insulting Islam'. Jan 13, 2021 491
Covid-19 vaccine is permissible for Muslims, says Islamic affairs minister. Dec 23, 2020 388
Emir Research: More Malaysians find Islam, Islamic institutions being questioned openly. Nov 3, 2020 464
French embassy says 'heartened' by Putrajaya's stance to not support boycott of goods over Macron's remarks. Oct 28, 2020 459
At meeting with Muslim missionaries, PM Muhyiddin urges against extremism to defend Islam. Sep 19, 2020 426
PAS chief: Only Malay-Muslim unity can lead and save the country. Sep 13, 2020 353
Malaysia still missing firm plan to end child marriage, says Sisters In Islam. Jun 11, 2020 398
THE THREATS ANALYSIS OF THE ISLAMIC STATE NETWORK DEVELOPMENT IN SOUTHEAST ASIA REGION: Case Study of the Border of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. Legionosuko, Tri; Widjayanto, Joni; Putra, I. Nengah; Susilo, A.K.; Suharyo, O.S. Apr 1, 2020 5589
Why 'Islam' is on Malaysian Muslims' identity cards. Jan 28, 2020 1833
Court grants SIS stay against execution of Selangor 'anti-liberal' fatwa. Jan 23, 2020 575
Ahead of appeal, court to decide if SIS can stay enforcement of Selangor's 'anti-liberal' fatwa. Jan 23, 2020 607
G25 launches extensive report on the administration of Islam in Malaysia. Jan 11, 2020 354
#depression: Singaporean Muslim Women Navigating Mental Health on Social Media. Jamil, Nurhaizatul Jan 1, 2020 8745
Hadi defends 'Malay world' remark, tells other races to be grateful to Malays who came first. Dec 29, 2019 958
Malaysia, Turkey defend Muslim summit slammed by OIC. Dec 20, 2019 603
Malaysia defends Muslim summit shunned by Saudi, slammed by OIC. Dec 19, 2019 630
Iranian President Stresses Cooperation as Remedy for Muslim World Problems. Dec 19, 2019 307
Kuala Lumpur Summit to focus on countering Islamophobia - Malaysian Min. Dec 6, 2019 417
Take care of non-Muslims to teach true meaning of Islam, PAS tells Sarawak govt. Oct 29, 2019 315
Activist in 'dehijabing' forum says summoned by Jais for allegedly insulting Islam. Oct 24, 2019 420
Imran Khan says Malaysia, Turkey, Pakistan launching TV channel to fight 'Islamophobia'. Sep 26, 2019 339
Malaysia can't keep condoning child marriage, says SIS. Sep 20, 2019 424
In swipe at DAP, Hadi says Malay-Muslim cooperation superior to 'Malaysian Malaysia'. Sep 14, 2019 366
Minister: Some strings attached to constitutional articles of religious freedom. Sep 13, 2019 508
G25: Ruling in SIS fatwa case a big step backwards, contradicts Federal Court's decision. Sep 5, 2019 714
Boycotting non-Muslim businesses bad for Malaysian economy, says Perlis mufti. Sep 3, 2019 345
Malaysian women deserve better, advocacy group says after civil court shuts door on Sisters in Islam. Aug 30, 2019 430
LFL urges govt to protect human rights defenders, after 'disturbing' High Court ruling against SIS. Aug 28, 2019 906
SIS: Court's fatwa challenge refusal dark moment for Malaysia, women's rights. Aug 27, 2019 908
We are neither anti-Malay nor anti-Islam, says rejuvenated Parti Bumi Kenyalang. Aug 21, 2019 590
The khat paranoia in Malaysia. Aug 14, 2019 543
If khat is Islamic, are Roman characters Christian? Perlis mufti asks. Aug 9, 2019 479
Sisters in Islam questions why no public discussion over proposed unilateral conversion Bill. Aug 8, 2019 411
NGOs lodge police report over Facebook account insulting Islam. Jul 23, 2019 241
Bank Islam Malaysia offering customers more Internet options. Jul 18, 2019 111
Bank Islam Malaysia offering customers more Internet options. Jul 18, 2019 109
On Corporate Islam: Sharia and the Modern Workplace by Patricia Sloane-White. Cambridge University Press, 2017. Turner, Bryan S.; Gomez, Edmund Terence; Sloane-White, Patricia Jul 1, 2019 4788
Hadi: PAS-Umno ties won't jeopardise non-Muslim rights. Jun 21, 2019 503
Report: Kelantan religious council aims to convert Orang Asli to Islam within 30 years. Jun 21, 2019 627
Cooperation with Umno OK, but PAS must be on top, says Kedah division chief. Jun 20, 2019 464
Mufti of Penang Receives Delegate of Islamic Affairs Ministry. May 28, 2019 123
Umno veep rejects 'Bangsa Malaysia' concept, insists must centre on Islam and Malay culture. May 24, 2019 439
Now Malaysians can read Akyol's banned book 'Islam without Extremes' for free online. May 5, 2019 420
'Protect Islam' rally ends 90 minutes ahead of schedule following heavy downpour. May 4, 2019 634
In 'protect Islam' rally, protesters calls for AG's dismissal and support for TMJ. May 4, 2019 384
High Court to hear Sisters in Islam's challenge against 'deviant' fatwa again. May 2, 2019 841
Mujahid takes Perlis mufti to task over claim Islam threatened under Pakatan. May 2, 2019 914
Islam threatened under Pakatan? Get balanced views, ex-servicemen tell Perlis mufti. May 1, 2019 620
Malaysian man gets 10-year jail term for insulting Islam. Mar 10, 2019 295
Johor Permaisuri: Christmas joy doesn't make me forget Islam. Dec 24, 2018 537
Declaring 'Islam the boss', Perak Malay groups demand justice for Adib. Dec 21, 2018 377
Former Miss Moscow marries Malaysian king. Nov 27, 2018 267
Amirudin: Hassan Azhari's death a great loss to Islam. Oct 7, 2018 269
After four years, full hearing of SIS' challenge of 'deviant' fatwa in High Court. Sep 25, 2018 1411
Terengganu Sultan calls on Muslims to protect sanctity of Islam. Sep 11, 2018 154
Perak official: Pakatan support for Malays, Islam and BM goes without saying. Aug 13, 2018 164
You're fighting for Islam? Our candidate is an 'ustaz', Selangor MB tells Lokman. Jul 25, 2018 441
Perlis Raja Muda invites non-Muslims to visit mosques to understand Islam better. Jul 19, 2018 167
Acknowledge outstanding issues to improve Islam's image, says NGO. Jul 17, 2018 226
Despite Indira ruling, unilateral child conversions still alive in Malaysia. Jul 12, 2018 1753
The Concept of Members of the Shura Council (Ahl Majlis al-Shura) in Islam: An Analytical Study towards the Members of the Malaysian Parliament. Sarkam, Kamarul Amree Mohd; Jalal, Burhanuddin; Ismail, Amnah Saayah Report Jul 1, 2018 4270
Penang mufti: Country must not be restricted to just one school of Islamic jurisprudence. Jun 27, 2018 346
Declare Zakir Naik persona non grata and expel him - Ravinder Singh. May 27, 2018 509
A brighter religious landscape under Mahathir - Imad Alatas. May 21, 2018 769
Malaysia's 2018 economic growth to be sustainable, says Bank Islam economist. May 17, 2018 601
Govt always empowers Islamic development agenda, says Najib. Apr 13, 2018 567
Ismail Sabri: Malay 'special rights' and Islam in jeopardy if vote given to DAP. Apr 13, 2018 251
Islam, religious harmony among Terengganu BN's manifesto. Apr 12, 2018 461
Koran for cows could be a moo-ving experience in Malaysia. Apr 12, 2018 291
Koran for cows could be a moo-ving experience in Malaysia. Apr 12, 2018 291
For GE14, PAS wants Kelantan voters to rise up, defend 'Islamic government'. Apr 4, 2018 1361
In action plan, Putrajaya wants human rights balanced with Islam. Mar 12, 2018 513
After top court ruling, Pakatan urges Sarawak to amend state laws for clear guide on apostasy. Mar 2, 2018 773
Malaysian rapper held for hurting Islam. Feb 24, 2018 235
Simplified: The Federal Court's groundbreaking Indira Gandhi judgment. Feb 1, 2018 1822
DISCOURSE ANALYSIS ON NEWSPAPER REPORTS OF APOSTASY CASES. Mohamad, Azweed; Rashid, Radzuwan Ab; Yunus, Kamariah; Rahman, Shireena Basree Abdul; Darus, Saadiya Dec 22, 2017 6011
Efforts hailed in preserving moderate Islam. Conference notes Nov 28, 2017 444
Saudi Islamic Affairs Ministry's Pavilion participates in Exhibition in Malaysia. Nov 27, 2017 117
Saudi Ambassador to Malaysia, Malaysian Islamic Affairs Official Reaffirm Working together to Highlight True Image of Islam. Nov 25, 2017 294
Islam and matriliny along the Indian Ocean rim: Revisiting the old 'paradox' by comparing the Minangkabau, Kerala and coastal northern Mozambique. Bonate, Liazzat J.K. Oct 1, 2017 8883
Malaysia identifies school fire victims amid outrage (Update). Sep 15, 2017 578
Malaysians travel 15,000km by land for Haj. Aug 28, 2017 657
Death sentence on 9 Pinoys in Sabah appealed. Jun 10, 2017 293
8 blind students attempt to memorize Holy Quran by heart in Malaysia. Jun 9, 2017 325
500-year old golden Quran enriches Indian family's Ramadan. May 31, 2017 182
The Mediating Effect of Work Engagement on The Relationship Between Islamic Religiosity and Job Performance. Zahrah, Novia; Hamid, Siti Norasyikin Binti Abdul; Rani, Shamsul Huda Binti Abdul; Kamil, Bidayatul Jan 1, 2017 4594
Syariahization of intra-Muslim religious freedom and human rights practice in Malaysia: the case of Darul Arqam. Abdul Hamid, Ahmad Fauzi Apr 1, 2016 10183
Understanding Islamic education for pre-school children in Malaysia. Mohed, Mursyidah Mokhtar; Ismail, Nor Atiah; Utaberta, Nangkula; Yunos, Mohd Yazid Mohd; Ismail, Sum Report Nov 1, 2015 1632
The changing face of political Islam in Malaysia in the era of Najib Razak, 2009-2013. Hamid, Ahmad Fauzi Abdul; Razali, Che Hamdan Che Mohd. Report Jul 1, 2015 11893
Falha attends Asia Media Summit: To fight Islamophobia, thwart designs that place Islam and terror in same category. May 26, 2015 650
Reject extremists, OIC exec tells Muslims. Apr 19, 2015 364
Larijani Urges Muslim Leaders' Joint Efforts to Show Reality of Islam. Feb 4, 2015 514
Allah row grips Malaysia. Oct 23, 2014 456
Allah row grips Malaysia. Oct 23, 2014 456
Allah row grips Malaysia. Oct 23, 2014 456
Alvin Tan, 26, and his 25-year-old girlfriend are facing multiple charges in Malaysia. Oct 9, 2014 108
Alvin Tan, 26, and his 25-year-old girlfriend are facing multiple charges in Malaysia. Oct 9, 2014 108
Alvin Tan, 26, and his 25-year-old girlfriend are facing multiple charges in Malaysia. Oct 9, 2014 108
Malaysia marks grim Eid after MH17 crash. Jul 28, 2014 542
Malaysia marks grim Eid after MH17 crash. Jul 28, 2014 534
Malaysia will suffer if Islam is used as a political weapon. Jul 9, 2014 819
Iranian President: Islam Rejects Violence, Extremism. Jun 23, 2014 260
Bahrain to take part in Malaysia Holy Quran competition. Jun 20, 2014 139
Conversion to Islam and interfaith marriage in "Sabah", Malaysia. Sintang, Suraya; Hambali, Khadijah; Baharuddin, Azizan; Ahmad, Mahmud; Nor, Mohd Roslan Mohd; Kadir, Jun 1, 2014 9608
BIMB Holdings looks to expand Bank Islam. May 18, 2014 213
3-strand rope? Mar 25, 2014 907
Malaysia bans Ultraman book over use of Allah. Mar 7, 2014 347
The Islamic approach to conserving biodiversity for global sustainability: an exploration. Laxman, Lekha; Ansari, Abdul Haseeb; Zawawi, Majdah Report Mar 1, 2014 13535
A silk fatwa could signal a fashion disaster for Malaysia. Feb 27, 2014 132
A silk fatwa could signal a fashion disaster for Malaysia. Feb 27, 2014 132
A silk fatwa could signal a fashion disaster for Malaysia. Feb 27, 2014 132
Understanding basic concepts of Islam amongst Malaysian Muslim youths. Asyraf, H.A.R.; Wan-Ibrahim, W.A.; Nooraihan, A. Report Feb 1, 2014 2532
Old issue's new eruption. Jan 7, 2014 879
Malaysia court rules non-Muslims can't use 'Allah' to refer to... Oct 15, 2013 370
Malaysia Ban on Non-Muslims Using 'Allah' Reveals Culture Paradox. Oct 14, 2013 963
Malaysian Court Rules Use of 'Allah' Exclusive to Muslims. Oct 14, 2013 204
Malaysia: Another Video Mocking Eid-al-Fitr Surfaces, Imam Attempts to Attack Video Maker [VIDEO]. Jul 31, 2013 531
Malaysian arrested over Eid greeting featuring dogs. Jul 31, 2013 326
Copies of the holy Quran distributed. Jul 14, 2013 145
Consent of One Parent Sufficient to Convert Children: Malaysian Islamic Affairs Department. Jun 9, 2013 405
Non-Muslims can't use 'Allah', says Sultan of Malaysia's Selangor. Jan 9, 2013 193
The history of the Muslim naval army during the 'Abbasid era. Jamsari, Ezad Azraai; Razak, Abdul Qayyum Abdul; Sidik, Roziah; Ashari, Mohamad Zulfazdlee Abul Hass Report Jan 1, 2013 3625
The existence of God in Greek philosophy and Muslim theology. AbuBakar, Ibrahim Report Jan 1, 2013 5111
Bank Islam Malaysia targets 30 per cent financing growth. Sep 16, 2012 150
Kalam Jadid, Islamization, and the worldview of Islam: applying the neo-Ghazalian, Attasian Vision. Setia, Adi Report Jun 22, 2012 20281
Malaysia issues fatwa banning Muslims from street demonstrations. May 7, 2012 229
Teaching da'wah as Islamic studies (Teds) in higher learning institutions: Malaysian experience. Don, Abdul Ghafar; Muhamat, Razaleigh; Hamjah, Salasiah Hanin; Sham, Fariza Md.; Nasir, Badlihisham Apr 1, 2012 1474
Assimilation level of Chinese Muallaf in Kuala Lumpur. Muhamat, Razaleigh; Don, Abdul Ghafar; Hamjah, Salasiah Hanin; Sham, Fariza Md.; Nasir, Badlihisham Apr 1, 2012 6405
Da'wah in the West: an analysis of the role of the Islamic Foundation (if) in promoting the true image of Islam. Don, Abdul Ghafar; Muhamat, Razaleigh; Hamjah, Salasiah Hanin; Sham, Fariza Md.; Nasir, Badlihisham Apr 1, 2012 2390
Erykah Badu's Malaysia concert cancelled because of 'insult to Islam Allah' tattoo. Feb 29, 2012 184
Malaysia Condemns Quran Burning in Afghanistan. Feb 24, 2012 109
Malaysia confirms Saudi tweeter's arrest. Feb 11, 2012 167
Islamic studies in Malaysia in confronting liberal Islam. Awang, Jaffary; Zin, Mohamad Zaid Mohd; Sakat, Ahamad Asmadi; Nor, Mohd Roslan Mohd; Kasmo, Mohd Ari Report Dec 1, 2011 5790
Response of Muslim community concerning Liberal Islam in Malaysia. Majid, Latifah Abdul; Zin, Mohamad Zaid Mohd; Sakat, Ahamad Asmadi; Nor, Mohd Roslan Mohd; Kasmo, Mo Report Dec 1, 2011 3946
Opinion: Lessons for Ramadan. Sep 1, 2011 1053
Teaching science from an Islamic perspective. Iqbal, Muzaffar Essay Jun 22, 2011 3595
Wrong to equate role of wife with first-class prostitute, says Malay minister. Jun 14, 2011 195
Perak mufti 'backs Obedient Wives Club's sex lessons' for satisfying hubbies. Jun 7, 2011 183
Islam will remain Malaysia'' state religion -- PM. May 12, 2011 133
Seven receive King Faisal Award. Jan 18, 2011 853
Malaysia can be Muslim 'thought leader', says Clinton. Nov 2, 2010 560
Muslims told wearing football jerseys with images of crosses, devils unIslamic. Jul 21, 2010 148
Malay Muslims asked not wear football jerseys with images of crosses, devils. Jul 19, 2010 148
Malaysia premier again appeals for calm amid 'Allah' dispute. Jan 11, 2010 537
Islamic gender relations in Malay popular literature: upheld, contested or compromised? Tahir, Ungku Maimunah Mohd. Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 4399
Malaysia re-imposes ban on word 'Allah' usage. Mar 1, 2009 338
Christians urge Malaysian Govt. to remove conditions on usage of 'Allah'. Feb 28, 2009 393
The Cosmos as the created book and its implications for the orientation of science. Ismail, Mohd Zaidi B. Critical essay Jun 22, 2008 9764
Internal conflict: the delegates at the Organization of the Islamic Conference summit in Malaysia in 2003 agreed on at least one thing: that the Muslim world was going through a very rough spell. One member said it was time for more dialogue among Muslims. Sep 1, 2006 2544
The position of Islam in the Constitution of Malaysia. Fernando, Joseph M. Jun 1, 2006 10838
The changing shape of Islamic politics in Malaysia. Weiss, Meredith L. Jan 1, 2004 13947
After The Malay Dilemma: the modern Malay subject and cultural logics of "national cosmopolitanism" in Malaysia. Souchou, Yao Oct 1, 2003 9912
Blood, sweat and jihad: the radicalization of the political discourse of the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) from 1982 onwards. Noor, Farish A. Aug 1, 2003 14389
A step forward: Malaysian ideas for political change. Derichs, Claudia Mar 1, 2002 10032
The Islamic state or the state of Islam in Malaysia. Martinez, Patricia A. Dec 1, 2001 13093
Islam, society, and economic policy. Sirageldin, Ismail Dec 22, 1995 11256
An Islamic perspective on capital markets and "Islamic" securities in Malaysia. Anwar, Muhammad Report Dec 22, 1995 6567

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