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Yet another way to steal a presidential election: a political thriller explores how our antiquated Electoral College system could be put to nefarious use. Book review Mar 1, 2016 1541
The incurious investigator: why introspection was too dangerous for Washington's bravest sleuth. Book review Sep 1, 2013 1922
Broken in Hoboken: how the poor used to live. Book review Sep 1, 2012 1744
The new Nixon: how it took a novelist to make Richard Nixon seem human. Book review May 1, 2012 1728
When giants roamed the Earth: how the self-proclaimed Capitalist Tool was brought down by capitalism itself. Book review Nov 1, 2011 1548
The searchers: what it was like working for Larry and Sergey during Google's pioneering first years. Book review Jul 1, 2011 1617
Valley forged: early American counterfeiters and their heirs on Wall Street. Book review Jan 1, 2011 1501
A trip down memory lame: Fred Thompson's leisurely stroll through his not terribly interesting early years. Book review May 1, 2010 1323
I want all for Christmas: the holiday season, deeply observed, in an affluent Dallas suburb. Book review Jan 1, 2010 1679
Big bother: how a million surveillance cameras in London are proving George Orwell wrong. Nov 1, 2009 4077
Coke and me: a Michael Moore-like British journalist investigates the world's top soft-drink maker. Book review Jul 1, 2009 1653
Guacamole on your shorts: searching, futilely, for the Super Bowl's deeper meaning. Book review Jan 1, 2009 1370
Setup on K street: sting operations on sleazeball lobbyists aren't what they used to be. Book review Aug 1, 2008 1788
Roman Scumbag: Ralph Reed was a despicable political operative. Maybe that's why his first novel is so good. Book review May 1, 2008 1436
Pacifist aggressive: Nicholson Baker's odd take on World War II. Book review Apr 1, 2008 1741
Talladega rights: the selling of NASCAR. Book review Jan 1, 2008 1724
Anthropolitics: Dana Milbank explains why Scott McClellan resembles the sin-eating goddess of the Aztecs. Dec 1, 2007 1443
Sorry, that's classified: even Cheney's pliant hagiographer can't find the vice president's inner human. Oct 1, 2007 1360
A Sunday manifesto: what to do with that day of rest. May 1, 2007 1453
America the ornery: Peter Wood thinks we luxuriate in our anger. You got a problem with that? Mar 1, 2007 1879
The loud mouth: what Aristotle would like about Michael Moore. Nov 1, 2006 1614
Kill Hill: John Podhoretz's nightmare fantasy of a Hillary presidency. Book review May 1, 2006 1410
Femi-nazi hunter: Kate O'Beirne targets the excesses of the women's movement--30 years too late. Book Review Mar 1, 2006 1669
The aging of Aquarius: boomers can take credit for the '60s if they accept blame for the '70s and '80s. Book Review Jan 1, 2006 1318
Follow the refuse: Elizabeth Royte's weirdly informative investigation of what happens to our trash. Book Review Sep 1, 2005 1185
Dear Abu: how to get the attention of al Qaeda's managing editor. Letter to the Editor May 1, 2005 877
What a way to go: Sarah Vowell's morbidly funny tour of presidential assassination sites. Book Review Apr 1, 2005 1195
Name games: Microsoft by any other name would sell as well. Book Review Mar 1, 2005 1091
Bully pulpit: how Tom DeLay changed Washington. Nov 1, 2004 1385
Sailing away: William F. Buckley's art of revealing nothing. Book Review Oct 1, 2004 1163
Hollywood and squares: celebrities and presidents don't mix. Mar 1, 2004 967
James's addiction: Carville can't stop giving the Democrats good advice. Book Review Dec 1, 2003 1165
Kill Bill: the relentless effort to blame 9/11 on President Clinton. Nov 1, 2003 1764
Beating the Bush: how Dubya "helps" business. Oct 1, 2003 827
Boy genial: Tucker Carlson's nice-guy conservatism. Book Review Sep 1, 2003 1057
Flights of fancy. Book Review Jul 1, 2003 1181
Ball Boys: why golf is the driving obsession of middle-age alpha males. Jun 1, 2003 1987
Harley's angels. Book Review May 1, 2003 1063
Pink pander. Book Review Apr 1, 2003 1181
Rove rage. Mar 1, 2003 1040
Geek tragedy. Book Review Jan 1, 2003 1079
Still stupid? Dec 1, 2002 831
Capitol bore. Book Review Nov 1, 2002 1021
Kibu-ki theater. (Political Booknotes). Sep 1, 2002 963
Coulter clash. Jul 1, 2002 1085
Cramer vs. Cramer: critics say Wall Street's favorite talking head is obnoxious, abusive, and crooked. Jim Cramer takes issue with "crooked.". Book Review Jun 1, 2002 1636
The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization. Book Review Apr 1, 2002 1274
Public Intellectuals: a Study in Decline. (infinite jest). Book Review Mar 1, 2002 1161
Power: The Ultimate Aphrodisiac. (Political booknotes: naked ambition). Book Review Nov 1, 2001 1256

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