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Making your home child-safe.

How to make your home safer for baby

The baby boomlet means a whole new generation gets to worry about ways Junior will find to get injured. To help ease that anxiety, Sunset introduces a new guide, Making your Home Child-Safe (Lane Publishing Co., Menlo Park, Calif., 1988; $6.95).

In 80 pages, the book takes you through house and garden, flagging potential hazards and describing ways to circumvent them. There's a section on how to shop for baby gear, and a family safety guide covers everything from poisons to pets.

The book alerts you to different problems that crop up at different age levels; a child will grow out of some risks but quickly embrace others. Different times of year present their own problems, and special sections address these issues--from pool rules to holiday hazards.

Along with tips on how to protect baby from dangers around the house, there's also advice on how to protect the house from baby.

Photo: New guide details ways to protect infants and older kids

Photo: Three kinds of window controls show ways to thwart young explorers

Photo: Child-safe but companionable kitchen has corral around cooktop, pot handles turned inward, latches on doors, and playpen away from work area
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Date:Feb 1, 1988
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