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Making the grade.

Last year, more than one-third of job seekers failed to score high enough on basic workplace tests to secure jobs, according to a recent nationwide survey of 1,200 firms by the American Management Association. Public administration positions, bound by civil service regulations, required the most reading and math testing (90%), while manufacturing concerns (26%) were most likely to provide training in these areas. Although the cost of remedial employee training averages $167 per worker, only 1 in 6 companies offers such programs.

The overall competency of blacks in the workplace is undisputed, yet African-Americans consistently report lower scores than whites on such tests. To effectively compete in an increasingly skilled workforce, blacks must acquire a greater affinity for these coveted skills.
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Title Annotation:employee competency
Author:Reynolds, Rhonda
Publication:Black Enterprise
Date:Nov 1, 1992
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