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Making the Transition: A Career in Security Management.

Videotape produced by the Horizon Institute, 9041789-3225; forty-six minutes; $89.95.

Publications will always have a place in any industry, but the increasing importance of videotapes in training and the transfer of information must be recognized in today's world of rapid-fire images and instant knowledge injections.

Making the Transition: A Career in Security Management, part of the Horizon Institute's Security Management Training Series, is carefully scripted edited, and packaged to impart the maximum amount of information in the minimum amount of time. The forty-six-minute video's purpose is to help new security managers from the public sector make a successful transition into careers in the corporate world.

The format is informal and unpretentious, but the information is on target. The one flaw is in the background for the copy slides, which is busy and changes with each slide. By the end of the video, these changes are distracting and get in the way of the message.

The video opens with a fixed-camera, talk show format, with host Steve Keller, CPP, interviewing Dennis Dalton, a consultant. They first discuss general transition guidelines and then ten important factors to remember when getting started in the private security business. Keller and Dalton conduct a seamless dialogue, punctuated by graphics edited into the tape and designed to distill the conversation into recallable phrases.

The dialogue is direct, using only occasional side stories to illustrate a concept. Several times Keller and Dalton change roles, but it is done naturally and does not interrupt the conversational flow, which is relaxed and professional. Recognizing that even the most interesting conversations need a change of pace, the video takes a halftime "coffee break" in which the points covered are reviewed and the format altered briefly. This is a nice touch and works well with the established, informal format.

The participants pick up after the break by discussing the differences between the public and private sectors at a most basic level--profit. Keller and Dalton begin with the assertion that new managers need to recognize that a corporation is in business to make money, not to maintain law and order. The conversation then guides the viewer into a corporate orientation that includes ten tips for any manager who needs a "Corporate Culture 101" starter course.

For someone who has been exposed to corporate life, the tips may seem too basic--for instance, "learn from your own staff" and "read the trade publications." However, suggestions such as "establish yourself as a business manager who happens to specialize in security" and "broaden your horizons" are good career advice to anyone who is new to a management role.

The video works because it addresses a specific market--public sector employees who are becoming private sector managers--and pinpoints attitude adjustments that are generally overlooked in these managers' transitional training. While they are taught the operations aspect of their jobs, they are expected to learn how to survive in the corporate jungle by observation, trial, and error. Those who see this video as a part of their new manager training will have a greater understanding of the new political realities in their lives and be able to make the transition to the business world more smoothly and confidently.
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Author:Lambert, Betsy
Publication:Security Management
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Date:Aug 1, 1993
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