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Making recycling easier.

A thermoformed plastic packaging system will make recycling much easier for consumers by using a single type of plastic for the entire pack.

Overcoming one of the major barriers to increasing volumes of packaging recycling, PFF Thermoformed Packaging's new rPET100 system uses 100 per cent PET within which there is a significant proportion of recycled PET (rPET), to produce the whole pack including the labels.

The company expects significant interest to come From retailers and brand managers who are keen to adopt the most sustainable packaging solutions possible and help their customers improve ease of recycling.

UK consumers are already familiar with recycling PET bottles with a growing proportion of the 510,000 tonnes of plastic bottles which enter the country's waste stream per year now being reprocessed.

"Unlike other approaches to sustainable packaging, PET is tried and tested in terms of its recyclability and its suitability as part of a long-term packaging choice," said Andy Bairstow, managing director of PFF.

"This whole pack can go post-use into a single recycling stream--PET. As better collection and reprocessing facilities develop, there is now no reason why recycling of post-consumer PET packaging cannot become as successful as waste paper or glass bottles."

To achieve this breakthrough development, PFF has partnered with major film lid manufacturers, PET labelling specialists and its own sheet extrusion division, Arvensis, along with packaging machine manufacturers to better understand the handling of" rPET products. By bringing together these experts, PFF is now providing the packaging solution to its retail and food processing customers.

The rPET100 single polymer packaging system is created using rPET sheet with up 90 percent recycled content which is then thermoformed into packaging to suit customer requirements. Sandwiching the super-cleaned recycled PET within outer layers of virgin polymer ensures no contamination risk and secures full food-grade status.


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Date:Apr 1, 2008
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