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Making math interesting.

Q A My sister and I are retired teachers who wrote a math program to give students in grades 2 to 5 additional practice using real-life situations. We are interested in transferring the program to CD-ROM and selling it. We need to contact companies that may be interested. Can you help?

--K. Ivery Williams

Sunrise, FL

CD-ROMs are ideal platforms for interactive learning tools. They offer students an opportunity to have fun while they learn. Your concept of using real-life situations should appeal to a young student. The longer students spend using interesting learning tools, the more they will gain from them.

You can discover more about publishing educational CDs by contacting companies and individuals who specialize in this area. One black-owned firm that comes to mind is Ember Media, a full-service digital media production studio and CD-ROM publishing company based in New York.

I featured Ember Media's CEO, Clayton Banks, as a Black Digerati in a previous issue ("Learning A Lesson," Techwatch, April 2005). To gain more insight on how to publish an educational CD-ROM, contact Ember Media at (; 212-695-1919).

Additionally, the Educational Software Directory (www.educational-soft provides a comprehensive online listing of educational software resources.

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