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Making food for thought food for real: that's what new ingredients are for: from a starch that's more than it seems, to ingredients for hand-held breakfast foods and a wide range of non-dairy cheese and butter flavors, ingredients suppliers work to make it easier for product manufacturers to satisfy evolving tastes of customers. (Ingredients Update).

A native starch for use in thickening and other applications by frozen food processors whenever a starch label is essential rather than "Food Starch-Modified" has been introduced by National Starch & Chemical, Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA (Fax: 1-908-685-5096).

"The introduction of this advanced specialty starch enables food developers for the first time to provide the texture and viscosity normally associated with modified food starches that can be simply labeled as `starch,'" said Neil Grimwood, vice president of marketing and technical service for National Starch's Food Products Division.

Based on waxy rice starch, Novation[R] 8300 withstands refrigeration and storage well below freezing temperatures. It has been tested in baby foods, frozen soups, sauces and gravies as well as pet foods. It provides a desirable, smooth, short texture and exhibits good tolerance to heat, acid and various shear conditions.

Novation 8300 also resists retrogradation and syneresis in various food systems. Tests show that even after several complete freeze-thaw cycles, foods made with Novation 8300 starch still appear clear with no signs of graininess or liquid separation. Previously, only premium modified starches provided the stability needed to withstand repeated freezing and thawing.

Besides all that, the starch is bland. As a result, it serves well for applications with delicate flavors. Moreover, it is made from non-GMO (genetically modified organism) rice. If used at levels below rive percent, it is suitable for foods labeled natural or organic under recent US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

For more information on Novation 8300 starch, contact the National Starch and Chemical Information Center, One Matrix Drive, Monroe, New Jersey 08831; telephone: 1-800-797-4992; fax: 1-609-409-5699; e-mail: A member of the ICI Group, National Starch is a worldwide manufacturer of adhesives, specialty polymers, electronic and engineering materials, natural polymers and advanced ingredients, with sales of $2.8 billion.

A new generation of ingredients to make hand-held foods for breakfast is being promoted by Newly Weds Foods, Chicago, Illinois. Many North Americans don't have rime to linger over breakfast in a fast-forward, cyber-paced age. So it's no surprise that quick service restaurant chains are increasingly developing drive-through breakfast items.

That's what inspired Newly Weds Foods to formulate key ingredients for manufacturers to use in creating a compelling new and different category of finger foods. Team members started by identifying the driving forces behind breakfast foods according to FlavorTrak[TM], the company's quantitative menu trend tracking system. Then they perfected a number of hand-held candidates by combining product formulating know-how with culinary creativity.

Some of Newly Weds' latest portable breakfast innovations include Biscuits `n Gravy Stix, Corned Beef Hash Breakfast Nuggets, Denver Breakfast Bundles, Oatmeal Breakfast Bars, and Granny Nola's French Toast. Jerry Braun, Newly Weds director of marketing, commented: "I was surprised that we didn't have to utilize new ingredients, technologies or processing equipment to bring these ideas to life."

Newly Weds Foods has introduced other ingredients recently. Mushrooms are currently the fifth most frequently mentioned as a main meal accompaniment or side dish at cutting edge restaurants and chains. Moreover, whether breaded, stuffed or sauteed, they are the No. 1 vegetable appetizer served by restaurants today -- according to FlavorTrak.

In response, Newly Weds Foods has created Mushroom Madness Inclusion Breader to enable processors and foodservice operators to take full advantage of this "mushrooming" trend. It features visible morsels of sauteed mushrooms and savory seasonings, embedded in a distinctively textured coating. Mushroom Madness is part of a family of inclusion breaders available from Newly Weds. It can be customized for use with a wide variety of substrates and applications, such as chicken tenders, steak fingers or double mushroom bits.

"First impressions are important when it comes to marketing or presenting prepared foods," explained Braun. "Our inclusion breaders leverage visible particulants to deliver an appetizing point of difference beyond texture and taste -- a difference people can see."

Yet another new item from Newly Weds is Habanero Peppers hot and spicy cuisine. Consumers are looking for ways to spice up their lives when they go out to eat, the company says, so it's no wonder that they're turning on to the hottest available pepper.

"Habaneros exhibit a uniquely pungent flavor profile with a distinctive capsicum kick," said Mike Mullikin, Newly Weds' director of sales for the Capsicum Division. "This makes them an intriguing ingredient for foodservice operators to feature in their signature appetizers and entrees."

Edlong Flavors, Elk Grove Village, Illinois, USA (Fax: 1-847-439-0053), has come up with a whole set of non-dairy flavors called Vision[TM], which offer the flavors of real cheese or butter for products targeted at the kosher pareve, halal, lactose-sensitive and vegan markets.

Flavorings in the new line include parmesan liquid, parmesan emulsion, cheddar power, mozzarella emulsion, spray-dry bleu, spray-dry romano, spray-dry mozzarella, spray-dry parmesan, liquid cooked butter, liquid country butter, liquid toasty butter, powdered cooked butter, liquid cooked butter, spray-dry butter, liquid milk, powdered milk, spray-dry cheesecake, liquid yogurt and powdered yogurt.

Natural Bleu Cheese Flavor in emulsion, formulated with CapsuLong[TM] technology, is one of Edlong's other introductions this year. It is said to have a creamy Bleu cheese profile with a characteristic musty flavor complimented with mild ketone notes. It is water dispersible, and meets kosher dairy standards.

Other new introductions from Edlong include spray-dry natural Swiss cheese flavor with creamy and buttery notes, aged Italian cheese flavor in emulsion form with a flavor profile similar to that of Mexican Cotija cheese, spray-dry natural and artificial butter flavor for popcorn and the like, powdered natural and artificial French vanilla flavor, and spray-dry natural sesame flavor.
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Comment:Making food for thought food for real: that's what new ingredients are for: from a starch that's more than it seems, to ingredients for hand-held breakfast foods and a wide range of non-dairy cheese and butter flavors, ingredients suppliers work to make it easier for product manufacturers to satisfy evolving tastes of customers. (Ingredients Update).(National Starch and Chemical, Newly Weds Foods, Edlong Flavors)
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