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Making connections: order in the court!

Except for the Chief Justice, Supreme Court Justices always sit and stand by seniority (length of service), alternating to the right and left of the Chief. These facts about the Justices, on the other hand, appear in no particular order. Read them, then answer the questions below.

A. Samuel A. Alito Jr.

Age: 55

Hometown: Trenton, N.J.

Nominated by: George W. Bush (R)

Took seat: Jan. 31, 2006

Fun fact: Is a baseball fanatic who attended a Philadelphia Phillies fantasy baseball camp in 1994.

B. Anthony M. Kennedy

Age: 69

Hometown: Sacramento, Calif.

Nominated by: Ronald Reagan (PL)

Took seat: Feb. 18, 1988

Fun fact: In 2004, ran in a race re-enacting the ancient Olympics--barefoot, in a toga.

C. Clarence Thomas

Age: 57

Hometown: Pin Point, Ga.

Nominated by: George H. W. Bush (R)

Took seat: Oct. 20, 1991

Fun fact: Before law school, he studied for the Roman Catholic priesthood.

D. John G. Roberts Jr.

Age: 51

Hometown: Long Beach, Ind.

Nominated by: George W. Bush (R)

Took seat: Sept. 29, 2005

Fun fact: Was captain of his high school football team.

E. Stephen G. Breyer

Age: 67

Hometown: San Francisco, Calif.

Nominated by: Bill Clinton (D)

Took seat: Aug. 3, 1994

Fun fact: Was an Eagle Scout, known by his fellow scouts as the "troop brain."

F. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Age: 72

Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.

Nominated by: Bill Clinton (D)

Took seat: Aug. 10, 1993

Fun fact: An opera buff, she once had a small role in an opera with tenor Placido Domingo.

G. John Paul Stephens

Age: 87

Hometown: Chicago, Ill.

Nominated by: Gerald Ford (R)

Took seat: Dec. 19, 1975

Fun fact: Earned a Bronze Star during World War II as part of a Navy code-breaking team.

H. Antonin Scalia

Age: 69

Hometown: Elmhurst, N.Y.

Nominated by: Ronald Reagan (R)

Took seat: Sept. 26, 1986

Fun fact: Loves opera, pizza, and singing at parties.

I. David Hackett Souter

Age: 66

Hometown: Weare, N.H.

Nominated by: George H. W. Bush (R)

Took seat: Oct. 9, 1990

Fun fact: Is a bachelor who takes a lunch of apples and yogurt to work every day.


1. Who is the youngest Justice on the Supreme Court? Who is the oldest? --

2. Count the number of Justices appointed by Republican and Democratic Presidents. How many were appointed by each? --

3. Which were nominated by a Democrat? --

4. Which of the Justices are mentioned in connection to sport? Which love opera? --

5. Which Justice studied for the priesthood? Which broke codes in a war? --

Bonus: The numbered dashes below are arranged in the order in which Supreme Court Justices sit and stand (from your point of view, facing them). Write the chart letter of each Justice on the line numbered with his or her rank. We've already done one for you.


1. Youngest: Chief Justice John Roberts; Oldest: John Paul Stevens

2. Republican: 7; Democrat: 2

3. Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer, by Bill Clinton

4. Sport: Samuel Alito, Anthony Kennedy, John Roberts; Opera: Antonin Scalia, Ruth Bader Ginsburg

5. Clarence Thomas; John Paul Stevens

BONUS: 1. D (The Chief Justice is always in the center, regardless of seniority.); 2. G; 3. H; 4. B; 5. I; 6. C; 7. F; B. E; 9. A
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