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Making Sauces Safer.

A collaborative research project, which will lead to a more accurate and reliable prediction of safety and stability in the manufacture of sauces containing acetic acid is being undertaken by the Leatherhead Food RA, tel:0137 237 6761.

The CIMSCEE code was written for manufacturers of sauce containing emulsified and non emulsified acetic acid to avoid problems with microbiological safety and stability. It provides definitions and formulae for the production of an intrinsically safe and stable product in which acetic acid-tolerant microorganisms will not grow.

Today's sauce formulations are no longer restricted to using acetic acid, salt, sugar and pH as the only preservation system. Sauces can contain other preservatives, such as sorbic acid, natural antimicrobials, such as lemon juice or microbial stimuli, such as high levels of protein. As a result, the values derived from the CIMSCEE formula may give an inaccurate indication of the intrinsic safety and stability of the product.

Research at Leatherhead will identify contributory and inhibitory factors currently used in emulsified and non emulsified sauces, leading to product safety and the prevention of spoilage. It will also identify micro-organisms of concern and their resistance to new product formulations, produce growth, survival and death kinetics for target micro-organisms, redefine the existing evaluation or derivation equation based on new data and validate the new equation in appropriate products.

The resulting formulae should provide a way to produce safe and stable products. Changes in the equation would take into account factors commonly found in food today that were not considered in the original formula.
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Date:Nov 1, 1999
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