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Making It.

   Making It

   Walter, the reptilian-brained Republican born-again Christo-fascist
      at work,
   says I hate the system because I have never have "made It."
   I'm sure I could have been socio-economically successful,
   but either the system didn't fit me or I didn't fit "It."
   I often made "It" as a Navy officer and pilot who was taught to
   under the radar and bomb to shreds civilian and military souls
   for the protection and expansion of U.S. corporate colonialism,
   but the blips of those souls on the screen of my karma
   still keep me up at night with the pulsating horrors of "It."
   I came close to making "It" as a tenured professor
   but was called on the carpet too many times by the dean
   for not teaching proper "It," thus making tenure tenuous at best.
   I almost made "It" engaged to a lumber tycoon's daughter
   who wanted me to be in cahoots with her father
   developing as much timber land as they could clear cut.
   But as a kid the forest and meadows were my playground
   and the local rivers my best friends.
   I saw that animals without trees would have few comrades--most
   of their food and shelter would be under foundations,
   handcuffing minds and recreation.
   I nearly made "It" as a pharmaceutical sales representative
   until I witnessed the "It" of doctors making obscene millions
   off the cancer drugs I gave them rather than
   concentrating on the promising cures for all the diseases of "It."
   I could have made "It" in the courtroom, but one step
   away from law school after a good LSAT
   my most moral friend from high school, now a lawyer for the
   tried to bribe me into seeing something other
   than what I really saw as the only witness to a tragic accident.
   If he could amorally buy into It" and be bought by "It" what hope
   was there for my soul after fitting into "It" or being fitted by
   So now to make ends meet I wait weekend tables and also teach.
   I serve their food of those who have "made "It,"
   and suggest wine pairings--a fine dining eunuch in their status of
   But I smile from the heart knowing the value of "It"
   comes solely from the money they earn,
   a resume of worth real awareness spurns--
   the "It" of their social opinions the worst kind of prison;
   the "It" of their gated interiors has "made" them feel superior
   to the totally free and unselfish godly souls blessed with true IT.

Jim Huie (Middletown, CA). I think it all adds up, what we do. Therefore, I am not afraid I've missed my boat presenting truth through leftist writing and teaching. I am convinced our boats are the eternally satisfied ones in the scheme of things. And the more we can keep on with what we know is right and true and good in spite of all the wrongs we suffer the better it will be for all of us - even those who conservatively think they have "made it," but are only deluding themselves. Winston Churchill, who many consider to be the spiritual catalyst behind winning WWII, said it well during his commencement address to Oxford University in 1950. He limped to the stage with his cane, pounded sharply on the podium and spoke only four word to the multitudes and movie cameras before exiting: "Never give up!...Never!"

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Title Annotation:PANEM et CIRCENSES
Author:Huie, Jim
Publication:The American Dissident
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jan 1, 2007
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