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Makeover proposed for St. Michael's College.

COLCHESTER, Vt. - St. Michael's College seems to have everything going its way, but it is still considering big changes to make sure it gets students from a shrinking pool of applicants.

Student enrollment is at an even keel, the endowment has tripled in the last decade and a $20 million capital campaign is on the brink of completion, having raised $18 million.

But college administrators are considering changes that will alter everything from the college's name to the makeup of the student population to sustain its success.

Paul J. Reiss, the president of what may become the University of St. Michael's or St. Michael's College, the International University of Vermont, has a three-pronged approach to address what he sees as emerging issues.

It includes developing a graduate and undergraduate school for nontraditional, adult student education and professional development, a market that other Chittenden County schools already are tapping. The school also may expand its international program, which will funnel students from its English as a Second Language program into an undergraduate degree program.
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Title Annotation:Colchester, Vermont; Catholic Education
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Date:Oct 29, 1993
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