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Make-up; Q&A TO celebrate the launch of her new book, Make-Up Manual, celebrity make-up artist Bobbi Brown has answered questions from readers of The Journal about their make-up conundrums. Liz Lamb has the details.

Byline: Liz Lamb

Q & A TO celebrate the launch of her new book, Make-Up Manual, celebrity make-up artist Bobbi Brown has answered questions from readers of The Journal about their make-up conundrums. Liz Lamb has the details.

Make-up Bobbi Brown

QUESTION 1 IAM in my mid-sixties and need some help to update my make-up regime. I have blue eyes and fair skin - my eyes look faded and tired, my eyebrows have almost disappeared, and my skin has lost its natural colour and elasticity. It's all very depressing. I know I can't turn back the clock, but some tips on products and colours suitable for mature skin and advice about eye make-up would be very much appreciated. Rosemary Warbrick, Durham.

ANSWER Hydration is the key to creating smooth-looking skin. Exfoliate regularly with a gentle scrub or an alpha hydroxyl acid cream. Use water-infused hydrating ultra rich moisturisers and formulas - try Bobbi Brown's Extra Skincare Range. Brows damaged by over tweezing or age can be drawn in to look natural. Use a pencil the colour of the original brows, and softly draw in the shade. Layer a complimentary colour of powder shadow with a brow brush to fill in and soften..

QUESTION 2 Iwould like to know which product(s) to use to disguise the red colouring on my cheeks. My skin is fair but with highly coloured cheeks. My son is getting married in August and I don't want to look too red on the photos.

Thanks. Helen Banks ,Hexham, Northumberland ANSWER A sheer tinted moisturiser will diffuse redness.

Too dense a product can make the face look mask like.

Tinted Moisturisers are ideal for those with normal/normal-to-dry skin. It gives a sheer, light-weight coverage and is an alternative to foundation, providing a totally natural look.

If your skin is extra dry try Extra Tinted Moisturising Balm pounds 31.32. This also provides a sheer coverage, intensively hydrates and gives skin a dewy finish. Balm actually plumps the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and redness.

For medium to full coverage use a stick foundation which is buildable, this is the best foundation for photography..

QUESTION 4 Iwould really like to wear false eyelashes for a night out but I have no idea which ones to go for or how to apply them. They seem to be all the rage at the moment. On the occasions when I have tried it I have ended up looking like a pantomime dame. How do I get the perfect look and how do I apply them properly without it being OTT? Hannah Shaw (pictured), Durham ANSWER False eyelashes are used to create a more dramatic-looking eye and for special effects. Lashes can be applied individually, in a small section, or in a full band. Eyelash glue comes in white, clear and black. I prefer black as it blends into the lash line. False eyelash application takes time, patience and practice.

. 1.Use a lash tweezer to pick up a lash. Begin with small lashes.

. 2.After dipping the lash in glue give it a few seconds to air dry partially.

. 3.Start at the outside of the eye.

. 4.Close your eye to continue the application.

. 5.Gently build the lashes toward the centre, using five to ten lashes.

. 6.Use your fingers to hold each lash until it dries.

. 7.After the glue dries, apply mascara..

QUESTION 3 Ihaven't really changed my make-up routine for about 20 years. I've never really worn foundation very often, I've been very lucky in having fairly clear skin. Until the last couple of years when my skin has changed slightly.

I now have a redness mainly on my cheeks, which after a few hours in the office tends to spread down my cheeks. I'm now 52, but I don't really like wearing foundation very often as it tends to go into the lines I now have around the eyes. Also I do have a tendency to have dark circles under my eyes, which I do try to conceal but not very successfully.

Could you please give me any ideas on what to use? I'd be most grateful. Ann Peet (pictured), Weldon Bridge, Longframlington, Northumberland ANSWER Good beauty routines begin with good skin care.

Pamper the skin, and experiment with rich hydrating moisturizers. You will find that under-eye darkness often deepens with age, so use a rich under-eye cream overnight and a lighter cream for the day to hydrate and smooth the area. I would recommend using a pink or peach-toned corrector (Bobbi Brown Corrector pounds 14.68) followed by a yellow-toned concealer (Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer pounds 14.68), and you can lighten the upper lid with a light eye shadow.

Eye contouring gives droopy eyelids a lift - the contour shadow needs to look blended and natural. For light skin tones try Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow in Taupe, and make sure you blend it to look natural. Eye liner is great for bringing the eyes out and making them look awake..

QUESTION 6 Iam in my late Sixties but I still like to keep up with current trends. As I have grey hair and a fair complexion what colours would look good for me for spring/summer? Brights seem to be popular but I am not sure I should use them at my age. Dorothy Lamb, Durham City ANSWER There are many ways to dress and do your hair and make-up that keep you looking young without making you look silly. And if you've taken care of yourself, stayed fit, and protected your skin, this can be an age when you look and feel incredible.

While a fresh face in the summer is a great option, colour will make you feel and look prettier and fresher. Experiment with transparent, shimmery colours because they leave the skin looking soft and breezy (try Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Rose Gold or Champagne pounds 13.70).

Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks provides blendable colour for normal to dry skin types, is creamy in texture and provides a sheer stain on the cheeks and medium coverage on the lips (try Pot Rouge in Pale Pink pounds 15.66)..

QUESTION 5 For the past two decades I have been on the hunt for the perfect mascara. I have fair skin and blonde hair and my eyelashes are very pale so I like to use lots of black mascara to make my eyes stand out.

There seems to be so many on the market now, with different wands and purposes, that it is confusing. All I want is for my lashes to look prominent and to look as long as possible. Can you tell me how to do this and should I use a eyelash curler beforehand? Catherine Patterson, Chester-le-Street, County Durham

ANSWER Black mascara is always my first choice, and for women with very fair colouring or those with naturally blonde lashes mascara is a must. For eyelash curling make sure you start with clean lashes. Gently lift the lid, hold the curler in front, and move the arm up to curl lashes. Hold for five to ten seconds. You can also curl lashes by gently pressing them up with fingers as mascara dries.

Thickening mascara is designed to make lashes appear fuller. To avoid clumping, wipe the wand before use; following application the lashes can be separated with a lash comb or separate them as you go. Try Bobbi Brown's Everything Mascara pounds 15.66

QUESTION 7 I've got small eyelashes. I've tried all the usual stuff, heated eyelash curlers, various curling mascaras with good results, however very quickly my lashes return to their original state and it all seems such a waste of time. Can you ask the Bobbi Brown team if they have a solution? Helen M, Killingworth, North Tyneside ANSWER There are many effective ways to create the illusion of lashes without false eyelashes. For short or sparse lashes, try smudging dark shadow at the lash line with a liner brush and then applying two thin coats of a volumizing mascara (Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Mascara pounds 15.66). Lengthening mascara is a thinner formula than the thickening products, so it lengthens lashes in a way that looks natural.

You could try false eyelash application - many women choose to go to a professional to have them applied..

QUESTION 8 Ihave a few areas sun pigmentation on my cheeks which looks more prominent when applying blusher. Can you recommend a cream or base to conceal these areas before applying my blusher? Or can you recommend any solution to this problem? Suzanne Kirkup, Picktree Village, near Chester-le-Street, County Durham

ANSWER Apply a foundation tone or spot concealer a shade lighter than the skin to the affected area with a small brush (try Bobbi's new Face Touch Up Stick, available in 17 shades pounds 16.64). A bronzing gel can be blended into the skin starting at the cheek area, working around the face.

This will help blend the more pigmented skin. Layer foundation that matches your skin tone over the concealer and/or gel for a flawless finish. Experiment with this routine, as a concealer alone is often too light and will highlight the pigmentation. Set foundation with a light dusting of powder..
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