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Make-better mania.

As a teenage GL subscriber of many years, I have been disappointed with your magazine lately, feeling that it appeals more to younger readers. With your latest issue, however, my concerns were put to rest. You did a marvelous job. I was thrilled to see all the things I have wanted more of: makeup, hair, celebrities and fashion. With issues like this one, I know that I will be a loyal reader for a long time. Bravo!--Sunshine

I love your magazine, and with your new sections, it rocks even more! I love the "Cute and Cheap" section [A/S '08] with the cute prints under $20. Finally, a magazine that recognizes that not all girls have money to spend on designer clothing. Thank you for being reasonable with your prices!--Mackenzie

I was excited for the new "Cute and Cheap" fashion section in the last issue. Awesome stuff for $20 or less? How amazing is that? Then I looked through other sections and saw $155! Set a limit, and it might make girls realize there is amazing stuff out there without the hefty price tag.--Misa
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Title Annotation:You Said It!
Author:Sunshine; Mackenzie; Misa
Publication:Girls' Life
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Oct 1, 2008
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