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Make the grade: PPFA offers CPF and MCPF certification programs.

PPFA allows members to increase their knowledge and skill, and attain a valuable, highly regarded designation through the PPFA certification programs.

The Certified Picture Framer Program

The PPFA Certified Picture Framer (CPF) Program tests knowledge in mounting, glazing, frame cutting, preservation methods, and the proper materials to use in flaming projects. Participants who pass the CPF exam earn the framer's mark of excellence, the CPF designation. More than 3,600 individuals worldwide have achieved CPF status since program inception in 1986.

PPFA developed recertification in 1996 to strengthen the value of the CPF designation, while helping framers stay abreast of advances in the art and flaming industry. This one-day recertification course, offered at various locations across North America, is a requirement for individuals who earned the CPF designation after 1993.

In developing the CPF Program, PPFA sought the expertise of industry leaders representing a wide range of educational backgrounds and talents in the picture flaming industry. The objectives of the PPFA CPF Program include:

* Raising the standards of the profession.

* Encouraging self-assessment by offering guidelines for achievement.

* Identifying individuals with acceptable knowledge of principles and practices of the profession.

* Awarding recognition to those who have met the established criteria.

* Improving education within the industry by encouraging participation in continuing education programs.

Any picture framer who has a minimum of one year of hands-on experience in retail or wholesale picture flaming may apply for certification.

Interested candidates must register at least 2 weeks in advance of the test. Cost of the exam is $225 for members, $325 for non-members and $150 for retakes.

PPFA members may also apply in August for the L. Thomas McKeon, CPF Scholarship, awarded to five individuals each year. The scholarship includes CPF study books and the exam.

The Master Certified Picture Framer Program

Any picture framer who has a minimum of 4 years of hands-on experience in retail or wholesale picture framing, who has been a CPF for a minimum of 4 years, and has taken or instructed a recertification course within the last 4 years, may apply for the advanced Master Certified Picture Framer (MCPF) examination.

The MCPF exam consists of two parts. The first part of the exam is the presentation of four framed works for review. The candidate needs to submit a framed work of art on paper, a framed work of art on canvas, a framed textile, and a framed object.

These pieces will he disassembled, examined, and scored using the established criteria set forth by the Certification Board. Each piece must be accompanied by a written explanation, including a description of the artwork, handling issues, framing methods, and materials used.

The second part is a practical exam. The candidate is given 90 minutes in a permanent or temporary frame shop to complete a randomly selected framing project. Each candidate is given time to familiarize themselves with the exam site on the date of their exam. During the practical exam the candidate will:

* Complete a condition report.

* Cut and join a frame.

* Size and cut a double mat.

* Size and cut a back mat and filler.

* Attach artwork.

* Size and cut glass.

* Fit and finish.

* Complete a framing description form, including methods and techniques used and the reasons for using them.

All operations are evaluated in accordance with the Official Evaluation Form. Candidates are provided with an inventory of equipment available in the testing location prior to the exam date.

Those who pass the MCPF exam are required to complete or instruct one recertification course every 4 year, and complete three approved preservation courses every 4 years.

The MCPF exam fee is $400 for members or employees of members, or $565 for non-members.

A study guide and exam schedules are available at /ppfa. Information on online certification is also available.
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