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Make sure your holiday home tenants aren't saga louts.

OWNERS of holiday homes abroad are usually happier letting to friends and family - and are more reluctant to have "unknowns" as guests unless they are older and moremature.

That's the finding of a report from Saga Holidays - which says that 31% of holiday home owners surveyed were "very comfortable" letting their property to someone in their 60s, while just 4% felt the same about letting to tenants who were in their 20s.

Saga has therefore decided to launch its own Saga Property rental service - which enables Saga customers to advertise holiday homes for just pounds 50 a year for rental to other Saga customers.

As an additional cost to the renting of the villa, Saga is also ready to package up flights - although customers are also free to make their own arrangements.

"Many of our customers have holiday homes abroad but often feel nervous about renting them outside of friends and family," says Saga chief executive Andrew Goodsell.

"We hope our new service allows them to feel confident that customers using their homes are like-minded individuals."

FOR more details call Saga 0800 056 5880 and


Holiday homes owners are more likely to let to people in their 60s
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 23, 2008
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