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Make sure track measures up.

Working from the bottom up is where undercarriage PM starts on your hydraulic excavator.

The well-being of the excavator's undercarriage components hinges on good track adjustment. If the track's too tight, it puts a lot of stress on undercarriage and drive train components. If it's too loose, the track flaps, wearing out roller flanges and sprocket teeth.

How to Measure

The amount of sag in your track lolls you when to adjust. Here's what you need to do before taking a measurement:

1. Swing the upperstructure 90[degrees] to the side of the vehicle.

2. Lower the excavator's bucket to raise the track off the ground.

3. Put blocks or shop stands under the vehicle's frame. The Type I excavator weighs approximately 57,440 pounds. The Type II weighs 65,280 pounds and the Type III Hyex lips the scales at 73,140 pounds.

4. Slowly turn the track forward, then in reverse (two revolutions both ways). Stop the track while it's moving in the reverse direction.

5. Measure track sag at the middle track roller. Lay a straight edge from the bottom of the track frame rail to the top surface of the track shoe. On a Type I or II, the track should measure between 11 13/16 and 13 3/16 inches on the straight edge. On a Type III, it should measure between 13 3/8 and 15 inches.

If track sag is beyond these measurements, tighten the track by pumping grease into the track's adjustment cylinder. You'll find the cylinder's grease fitting inside the access hole in the excavator's track frame.

Other Track Tidbits

Once your hydraulic excavator is back on the job, follow this checklist for a healthy undercarriage:

* Slow down, especially in reverse.

* Clean mud and debris from the undercarriage.

* Never spin the track.

* Check for loose or missing hardware. Make sure all hardware is torqued.
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