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Make ice panels.

Ice panels are a delightful pastime for children on snowy winter days. They last for several days hanging in bare trees, twisting in the wind, adding color to the winter landscape -- and they are free.

Materials needed.

Pie pans


Yam scraps

Baling twine

Berries, leaves, nuts, seeds too old to sprout, dried flowers, evergreen pieces, fabric scraps, etc.

Begin by filling a pie pan with water and lining the edge of the pan with yarn or baling twine, making sure there is enough loose at the top to tie to a tree branch. Arrange the berries, nuts, seeds, leaves, etc. in the water.

Put the pans outside on a flat surface until the water freezes, and all the contents of the pans are frozen in the ice.

Remove the ice panel from the pan by dipping it in warm water for a few seconds.

Hang the ice panels outside on a favorite tree so you can see the sun on the ice. The ice panels will last as long as the temperatures stay below freezing.
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Author:Williams, Lynn
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Date:Jan 1, 1993
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