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Make bishops apply.

Dear editor,

Re: Same-sex questions still vex Synod (June/July Anglican Journal). The spectacle of a small group of bishops thwarting the will of the majority of General Synod delegates gives cause for concern. It may be time to re-examine the way in which men and women attain the office of bishop.

It appears that bishops may have a medieval view of their role. Contrary to the "father-in-God" notion of the episcopate, the ministry of a bishop in 2007 is one of administration, the essential element of which is a clear vision of the organization's purpose. The method by which the blessing resolution was decided by General Synod appears to confirm that bishops lack the overarching vision to effect the mission of the church in the community where it lives.

One idea would be to require anyone seeking the office of bishop to apply for the job. This approach would eliminate lobbying, politicking and manipulation of the process. Applications should include references from referees able to attest to the applicant's qualifications and competency, and be devoid of the God-talk that characterizes self-initiated profiles. Final selection would rest with a select committee of the synod council.

Dr. Lloyd Gesner

Burlington, Ont.
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Title Annotation:LETTERS
Author:Gesner, Lloyd
Publication:Anglican Journal
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Oct 1, 2007
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