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Make any plastic--100% biodegradable.

For the first time--Plastic bags, bottles and food packaging can now incorporate the new natural EcoSmart additive ("ESP")--allowing them to become 100% biodegradable, but only when disposed of in landfill or natural waterways.

Marketed using the slogan "Use, re-use, recycle & back to nature, unlike other biodegradable products, the additive does not reduce the plastic to small pieces or break down to leave any toxic remnants.

The ESP additive genuinely renders the polymers biodegradable, by turning waste plastic into a microbial food source. Accordingly, when it is exposed to active microbial environments, it is colonized by microbes and subsequently all of the waste plastic is consumed and converted into harmless bio-mass and biogas.

Due to this method of biodegradation, plastics made with ESP additive, unlike other so called biodegradable plastics, do not degrade when exposed to UV, oxygen or heat, thereby providing an infinite lifespan, remaining stable and fully usable until disposed of in landfill or natural waterways.

Furthermore, unlike other biodegradable plastics, plastic made biodegradable with ESP additive is also reusable & re-cycleable without any detrimental impact on the recycle chain, or any need for product separation.

As the sole UK distributor of the ESP additive, Haywood Products are currently in talks with some leading retailers--the ESP additive is ideal for introducing into the production of such items as plastic carrier bags, food packaging, cleaning fluid bottles etc and it is anticipated that the retail network will embrace this exciting new development to help reduce the amount of non-biodegradable plastic waste in the UK.

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Title Annotation:PACKAGING
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Sep 1, 2010
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