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Make a spectacle of yourself ... for Halloween or birthdays.

Make a spectacle of yourself . . . for Halloween or birthdays

Is that a car on your nose? Well, with custom specs, anything goes. Make the basic frame (above), then add cutout shapes of your choice. It's an enjoyable party project for Halloween or birthdays.

For each pair, you'll need tracing and carbon paper, railroad board or heavy art paper, felt-tip pens, scissors, a craft knife, craft glue, and paper clips.

First, enlarge the frame pattern by drawing a grid of 1-inch squares on tracing paper. Use carbon paper to transfer the pattern onto the railroad board; cut out frame and fold back at broken lines. Place tracing paper over frame and sketch desired adornments (allow room for eyes and nose). With carbon paper, transfer sketched shapes to railroad board or art paper; cut out shapes.

Add details with pens. Glue on decorations and paper-clip them in place until the glue dries.

Photo: Four-eyed flock above used basic frame pattern at left (each square equals 1 inch), then added artful embellishments to create a dozen pairs of custom "glasses'

Photo: Palm-tree boy's tropical specs are easy to make. He sketched curving trees on tracing paper, transferred them onto railroad board, colored them, then glued trunks to frame

Photo: Cantering steed's broken lines mark cutouts (use craft knife) for eyeholes and bridge; fold the temples back out of the way then glue decoration to frame
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Date:Oct 1, 1987
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