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Make a haven for our little pollinators.

CJ Wildbird Foods Ltd has come up with some great suggestions for helping our little garden workers flourish:

For butterflies try planting a variety of plants such as buddleia, ice plant (sedum), lavender, Michaelmas daisy, marjoram, red valerian, aubrietia, scabious/field scabious, French marigold and hebe.

For caterpillars plant sweet rocket, honesty, lady's smock for orange tips, holly or ivy for holly blues, nasturtium for large and small whites or sorrel for small copper butterflies.

Invest in a butterfly gift pack (left) from CJs which includes a hibernation box, a guide to butterflies of Britain and a Butterfly Gardening book. Priced pounds 13.95.

Encourage your children or grandchildren with CJ's Butterfly Garden Grow Kit. They will love watching the amazing transformation of curious caterpillars morphing into beautiful butterflies. Priced pounds 14.95.

WHILE all bees are great pollinators, the Red Mason bee in particular is extremely efficient at pollination, more so than honey bees or bumble bees, and if you're a keen fruit grower they will give you an improved fruit yield.

The Red Mason bee is an extremely docile and solitary species, so they are safe around children and pets.

Encourage them by providing a nesting site. CJ Wildbird Foods have one specially designed for the Red Mason bee in mind. The nesting cylinders mimic the natural nesting preferences of the species. Priced pounds 8.95 and pounds 14.95.

Visit: or phone freephone 0800 731 2820.
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:May 31, 2008
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