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Make a harrow from tires.

I read with great interest Ken Scharabok's article on pasture harrows and their importance in spreading manure (11/6:36). I'm in the process of constructing one now, using a plan from the extension service.

I was told that they work very well, but cutting off the bottom of the tire, or cutting them in half, improves their effectiveness.

The size tire they recommend--truck type, 900-20 or 825-20--is a little difficult to find, but well worth the trouble, considering the cost of a new tine harrow is well over $600.

I suggest anyone considering purchasing a harrow should build one from these plans instead, take the $600 you will save, invest it in anything yielding at least 3% ($18), and use the interest every year to pay for a subscription to COUNTRYSIDE.
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Author:Kahn, Jef
Publication:Countryside & Small Stock Journal
Date:Jan 1, 1994
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