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Make a computer push-button simple.

Whether a computer user is experienced or a novice, menu programs are appreciated. They allow users to select the desired computer application (spreadsheet, database, word processing) by pressing one key--no need to get to the C:/(C prompt), change subdirectories and then enter a mysterious code. But some menu programs, while easy to use once they are up and running, are a headache to customize. EZ Menu is the exception. It loads automatically-- which means it scans the application programs stored on a computer's hard disk, determines the codes needed to launch them and then configures a menu.

The program also sets up a wide collection of DOS utility functions, saving the user from determining each function's code. As a result, one key can launch the steps to format a floppy disk or to check on the condition of the hard disk. EZ Menu also allows for use of passwords to make certaln programs secure, tracks all activity on the computer so the user can monitor usage, logs time on any function for billing purposes and provides an easy-to-read report on memory and data-storage status. It costs $59.95.

For details, write to Progressive Computer Services, Inc., P.O. Box 7638, Metalrie, Louisiana 70010, or call (800) 628-1131.
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Date:Sep 1, 1992
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