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Make a Mother's Day bouquet!

This fun craft project is "blooming" with possibilities! Make a bouquet for Mother's Day or just to brighten up a room. Ask an adult to help you.

You Will Need:

* Old newspapers

* 6 basket-style coffee filters

* Bowl of water

* Food coloring in squeeze bottles

* 6 green pipe cleaners

* Small vase



1. Cover your work surface with newspapers.

2. One at a time, dip the coffee filters into the bowl of water. Let the extra water drip back into the bowl. Pat the filters flat on the newspaper.

3. Squeeze a drop of food coloring onto one of the wet filters. Then squeeze another drop (of a different color) near the first drop. Keep adding color until you get the look you want. (It is OK to leave some white spaces.) Color all the filters and let them dry.

4. Pinch each filter in the center and gently push the sides upward. Twist one end of a pipe cleaner around the pinched part of each "flower" to make a stem.

5. When you have added stems to all six flowers, put them in the vase.


Presto! Look at your lovely bouquet!

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