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Make Your Computer up to 496 Percent Faster!

SEATTLE, Nov. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- SuperFassst!, a revolutionary new acceleration utility being introduced by Acceleration Software International Corp., can boost the hard disk performance by up to 496 percent and reduce application launch times by up to 75%.

"It's the first software-only upgrade to your hard drive," said Clint Ballard, CEO and CTO at Acceleration Software. "Nowadays, the CPU is generally plenty fast, so the odds are that most of the time you spend is spent waiting for the hard drive. SuperFassst! just removes the hard drive traffic jam."

The utility is comprised of three parts: a hard disk accelerator, an application accelerator, and a multitasking accelerator. The application accelerator uses a drag-and-drop interface so that all users have to do to speed up a particular program is to drag the application icon onto the SuperFassst! icon. The utility then creates an Accelerated Program icon which can be left on the desktop for easy access. The Start Menu Acceleration feature automatically maximizes the speed on any program that is accessed through the Windows 95 Start Menu. The hard disk accelerator boosts I/O rates up to five times without compression or caching. The multitasking accelerator works in the background to automatically quicken a variety of functions.

Although any computer running Windows 95 can be aided by SuperFassst!, users of higher-end systems (particularly Pentium Pro PCS) will see the most significant results. "A lot of programs available now are taking 10 to 15 seconds or more to load, which can be annoying," said Ballard. "A few seconds doesn't seem like a lot of time, but an active computer user could very well launch 50 programs in a day. If you were to save 10 seconds every time, that's an extra week of productivity every year."

The program, which can be purchased directly from Acceleration Software, will cost $59.95 on the street and will be available in November. For more information, call Acceleration Software at 800-754-1128, or check our web site at A free demonstration copy of SuperFassst!, which will only accelerate the Netscape Web browser, can be downloaded from the company's Web site,

Originally called Ballard Synergy Corp., Acceleration Software International Corp. was incorporated in 1987 as a "crisis intervention programming" company that worked to help Silicon Valley technology companies to meet tough programming deadlines. In 1994, the company introduced its CD-ROM acceleration software, d-Time, which has generated over 90 percent of the cumulative worldwide CD-ROM acceleration revenues. The d-Time utility is now available for DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Macintosh. SuperFassst! will port to other operating systems in the future.

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Date:Nov 19, 1996
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