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Make Jerome Robbins Your Own: To celebrate his centennial, re-create one of these four costumes from the choreographers long list of beloved works.

Glass Pieces

Channel the corps de ballet in Robbins' Glass Pieces by trading your trendy cutout and mesh leotards for a traditional tank style in saffron yellow or mint green, and pairing it with your favorite skirt.

Make It Yours With:

1) Mirella leotard, $22.50,

2) Eurotard leotard, $15.60,

3) Eurotard skirt, $24,

4) Capezio skirt, $25.50,

Dances at a Gathering

The fitted bodice and sheer, flowy skirts in Dances at a Gathering make for the perfect recital go-to for any classical or contemporary ballet piece. Add your own tribute to Robbins by matching your dress color with your favorite "girl."

Make It Yours With:

1) Just For Kix earrings, $9.99,

2) Sansha dress, $40.90,

3) Body Wrappers/Angelo Luzio dress, avail able from Just For Kix, $52.99,

The Cage

Whether you're portraying one of The Cage's insects onstage or you're simply looking for a loud leotard to give you a confidence boost in the studio, these picks will put you in that girl-power frame of mind. To re-create The Cage's epic hairstyles, spray this volumizer at the roots and back-comb for serious lift. Or, for class, gently scrunch your hair with your fingertips for a pumped-up French twist.

Make It Yours With:

1) Hamilton's Theatrical Supply leotard, $84.80, 2) LeaMarie leotard, $78, 3) Ouai Haircare Volumizing Hair Spray $26, 4) Ace Classic Tail Hair Comb, $5.49,

West Side Story

If you're gunning for Anita's part in The Sharks' show-stopping "America" number from West Side Story, try a lavender dress with cap sleeves. Or, re-create an ensemble look by pairing a red or pink flamenco skirt with a matching bold leotard--and start practicing your swishing skills.

Make It Yours With:

1) H&M hair band, $6.99,

2) AinslieWear leotard, $88,

3) Capezio flamenco skirt, $49,

4) Body Wrappers/Angelo Luzio dress, $56,

Caption: San Francisco Ballet in Dances at a Gathering

Caption: The Joffrey Ballet in Glass Pieces

Caption: Miami City Ballet in The Cage

Caption: Pacific Northwest Ballet channels The Sharks in West Side Story Suite.

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