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Makati councilor cries foul over 'fake news' about city's proposed budget.

By Jel Santos

Minority floor leader Councilor Ma. Concepcion "Ichi" Yabut called on the public to stop sharing malicious posts on social media regarding Makati City's alleged overpriced items in its proposed budget, saying that these information tend to mislead the public and create confusion and distrust.

She pointed out that the subject of the letter was a budget proposal, and, as such, does not involve actual expenditure of public funds.

"The letter merely involves budget estimations for purposes of budgeting and discussion by the City Council. It is not a procurement document. Hence, any insinuation of overpricing is outright false. Fake news to put it simply, being disseminated by a desperate group whose style of governance is being rejected by the Makatizens," Yabut said in her statement posted on Facebook Monday night.

On the issue of overpricing, Yabut said that the amounts cited were lifted from a document with typographical errors.

"The records of the City Council would readily show that the amounts cited in the letter were apparently lifted from a document that had typographical errors. The original documents submitted by the concerned departments correctly stated the number of units covered by the proposed budget," the councilor explained to dispel the lies circulating on social media shared by gullible people.

Yabut, meanwhile, clarified that incumbent Mayor Abigail "Abby' Binay had nothing to do with the city's budget as she does not participate in the budget deliberations of the City Council.

"Mayor Abby Binay does not have any participation in the budget deliberations of the City Council, much more to internal communications between the councilors such as the letter being maliciously circulated."

The minority floor leader, and Councilor Luis "Jojo" Javier said they, as councilors, judiciously participate in budget deliberations to ensure that resources will be available to potent government programs for the people of Makati.

"No government money spent, wrong amount cited, " she reiterated.

Yabut asked the public to "be vigilant and be wary of people who want to tarnish our reputation as public servants."


Makati City Councilor Ma. Concepcion M. Yabut (SSS / MANILA BULLETIN)

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Title Annotation:Metro
Publication:Manila Bulletin
Date:Feb 12, 2019
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