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Major target surpassed

 SOMERS, N.Y., Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Demonstrating extraordinary industry support and surpassing IBM's (NYSE: IBM) initial target, the company today announced that more than 1,100 applications specifically developed for the award-winning OS/2 (A) 2.0 operating system were commercially available by year-end 1992. This milestone adds to the tens of thousands of applications already supported by the operating system.
 Approximately 500 independent software vendors (ISVs) have delivered applications for OS/2 in 1992. Their products represent a wide range of major application types, such as, databases, word processors, local- and wide-area-network communication products, accounting packages, application
development tools and applications specific to various industries. And a much larger number of ISVs have indicated their intention to develop and market additional new and exciting applications for OS/2 version 2.
 "More than 1,100 applications in 1992 clearly represents extraordinary industry commitment to OS/2, and this is just the beginning," said Lee Reiswig, president, Personal Software Products division at IBM. "With this kind of ISV support, and the growing interest we see from our customers, we expect the strong momentum for OS/2 to continue in 1993 and beyond."
 In the next few months, ISVs, such as Computer Associates International, Inc., Lotus Development Corp., WordPerfect Corp., Novell Inc. and other leading vendors also plan to introduce new application software for this powerful and easy to use operating system.
 "CA clients are asking for applications that run on multiple platforms, including OS/2," said Sanjay Kumar, senior vice president of planning for Computer Associates. "Our software architecture, CA90s, has given us a terrific advantage in bringing products to the advanced,
32-bit OS/2 operating system. We expect to release six CA applications for OS/2 in early 1993."
 Because of the capabilities of OS/2 2.0, powerful applications once the domain of workstations and high-end computers are being introduced on PCs. For example, Quantum Development Corp. is developing Quantum Leap (B), a problem-solving tool that helps business people represent and solve complex business problems.
 We could not deliver our Quantum Leap application to the desktop of corporate users without OS/2 2.0", said Joseph Elad, president of Quantum Development Corp. "The advanced technology of OS/2 enables us to run this type of application on a PC."
 And support from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) is growing, too. More than 60 OEMs worldwide are shipping or plan to ship PCs or components with OS/2, delivering the benefits of a robust, reliable and easy-to-use operating system that takes advantage of their 32-bit hardware.
 "More than 70 percent of our systems revenue comes from 486-based systems. These systems are an ideal platform for the advanced features of operating systems like OS/2," said Tom Martin, vice president of marketing for Dell USA. "The growing application base for OS/2 along with Dell's ability to factory install a number of operating systems, including OS/2, provides our customers with great flexibility."
 Customers also are seeing the clear advantages of OS/2. "The application of technology is one of Liberty's key business objectives," said Mike DuPre, director of AIMS Technology at Liberty Life Insurance Co. of Greenville, S.C. "The IBM Policy Management Systems alliance delivering the Series III set of client/server-based applications as well as the broad availability of applications we expected to see for
OS/2 led Liberty to choose OS/2 as its client/server platform. We are pleased to see that the industry surpassed IBM's target of 1,000 new applications shipping in '92 for OS/2 2.0."
 OS/2 Version 2.0
 OS/2 is the award-winning advanced operating system for 32-bit personal computers that protects customers' investments in existing software by enabling them to run tens-of-thousands of DOS, Windows (C) and OS/2 applications -- all from a single package. This robust platform offers superior technology, including an easy-to-use graphical user interface, called the Workplace shell, true multitasking allowing customers to run multiple software programs simultaneously, and Crash Protection (A), which guards against one application being able to bring down the entire system.
 (A) Indicates trademark or registered trademark of the International Business Machines Corp.
 (B) Indicates trademark or registered trademark of the Quantum Development Corp.
 (C) Indicates trademark or registered trademark of the Microsoft Corp.
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