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Major investment by Cerestar at trafford Park.

Major Investment by Cerester at Trafford Park

Readers will remember that Cerester was established by Gruppo Ferruzzi at the beginning of October 1987. The name of the new company was used to bring into a single company all the starch and derivatives operations of CPC International Inc in Europe.

Cerestar UK is based in Trafford Park on the outskirts of Manchester and is one of six factories and seven speciality plants spread across Europe. Each day at Trafford Park more than a thousand tonnes of maize is processed to extract starch, protein, oil and fibre for industrial use. Well over half the products made are used by the food and drink manufacturing industry.

Currently, they are just completing a 50m. [pounds] investment plan. Some 10m. [pounds] has been invested in new energy raising facilities. Combined Heat and Power boilers have been installed and these enable the company to generate all the power it requires. A further 20m. [pounds] has been used to rebuild the refinery and introduce new technology. By using resins to decolorise and purify the glucose syrups, the mineral content is greatly lowered and the taste and colour improved. On top of that, such is the level of automation that the refinery is now run by a handful of supervisory operatives who control the plant via banks of VDU monitors. Another 10m. [pounds] is being spent on equipment-linked automation in the wet mill.

Products like glucose syrups. brewing sugars dextrose, cornflour, dried glucose and maize oil are all obtained via the processes used at Trafford Park and interested readers wanting more information should contact the company at Trafford Park where their telephone number is 061-872 5959.

This investment scheme began in mid-1988 and completion date is due about now. During the latter stages of the construction, the old and new plants are running side by side. In fact, the new refinery does not so much provide a lot more output as provide a higher quality output at lower cost, with a greatly increased flexibility in the operation of the plant. Having said that, we understand that figures for increased output are talked about as being an increase of 20 percent. At the same time they have reduced the costs of raw material input by making more use of the adjacent Manchester Ship Canal for trans-shipment of maize from Europe.

PHOTO: Pres-paster equipment seen in the new refinery
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