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Major funding for midwifery advocacy.

The Midwifery and Accountability Project (MCAP) has received two grants--one from the Rockefeller Family Fund and one from an anonymous donor--to advocate for midwifery in national health care reform. MCAP is initiating two new projects.

One of MCAP's goals is to establish a national coalition of all major midwifery organizations, midwifery advocates, maternal and child health organizations, and other citizen groups to advocate for midwives as primary maternity care providers. It will be called the National Midwifery Action Coalition (NMAC). MCAP will also be writing model legislation that will attempt to address legal, financial, and institutional barriers to midwifery practice. The Midwifery and Accountability Project organized midmives groups and midwifery supporters in 1990-1991 to help send three public members to the Interorganizational Work Group (discussions between the American College of Nurse Midwives and the Midwives' Alliance of North America sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation). Many state and national organizations joined a consortium formed to select the delegates. Many groups helped raise money.

As a focal point around which to form a broader coalition. the group will use a paper titled "Childbearing Policy within a National Health Program: An Evolving Consensus for New Directions" (updated and expanded in 1993). This paper, which highlights midwifery care, was the product of a joint effort by four major women's health organizations: the National Women's Health Network, the National Black Women's Health Project the Boston Women's Health Book Collective, and the Women's Institute for Childbearing Policy (WICP).

MCAP will also write a paper describing model legislation that will address the barriers certified nurse midwives and direct-entry midwives experience in various birth settings and in areas such as reimbursement, malpractice insurance, and collaborative relationships with physicians and institutions. The paper will be written in consultation with legislation experts m both midwifery organizations as well as experts in health law, the rights of the public, and the history of midwifery regulation.

For more information about MCAP or NMAC, contact Peggy Spindel at MCAP, P.O. Box 369, Newton Highlands, MA 02161, (617)630-8044. For copies of the paper published as a bound booklet, send $5 to WICP, P.O. Box 72, Roxbury, VA 05669.
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Title Annotation:Midwifery and Accountability Project receives grants
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Date:Dec 22, 1993
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