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Major agreements expiring next month.

This list of selected collective bargaining agreements expiring in August is based on information collected by the Bureau's Office of Compensation and Working Conditions. The list includes agreements covering 1,000 workers or mOre. Private industry is arranged in order of Standard Industrial Classification. Labor organizations listed are affiliated with the AFL-CIO, except where noted as independent (Ind.).

Private industry Construction

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors Association, southern California; Plumbers, 1,600 workers

Contracting Plumbers Association of Brooklyn and Queens, Inc., New York CitY, NY; Plumbers, 1,100 workers

Mechanical Contractors Association, New Orleans, LA; Plumbers, 2,400 workers

National Electrical Contractors Association, Atlanta area, GA; Electrical Workers (IBEW), 1,900 workers,

National Electrical Contractors Association, Kansas City, MO-KS; Electrical Workers (IBEW), 1,200 workers Food products

Nabisco, inc., Interstate; Bakery, Confectionery and Tobacco Workers, 8,200 workers

New York and New Jersey Bakery Employers, Mid-Atlantic area; Bakery, Confectionery and Tobacco Workers, 1, 1 30 workers Apparel

National Neckwear Conference, New York City, NY; Clothing and Textile workers, 2,000 workers Paper and allied products

Champion international Corp., Canton, NC; Paperworkers, 1,480 workers

Delaware Valley Set-Up Box Club, Philadelphia, PA; Paperworkers, 1,000 workers

Metropolitan Rigid Paper Box Manufacturers Association, New York; Paperworkers, 1,000 workers Leather and leather products

Brown Shoe Co., Interstate; Food and Commercial Workers, and Clothing and Textile Workers, 7,000 workers Stone, clay, and glass products

Glass Container Industrial Relations Council, Interstate; Flint Glass Workers, 2,250 workers Fabricated metal products

J. I. Case Co., Interstate; Automobile Workers, 1,200 workers Transportation equipment

Beech Aircraft Corp., Kansas; Machinists, 3,900 workers

General Dynamics Corp., Convair Aerospace Division, San Diego, CA; Machinists, 4,000 workers

General Dynamics Corp., Electric Boat Division, Groton, CT; Marine Draftsmen Association (Ind.), 1,500 workers

Public utilities

General Telephone Co. of Florida, Tampa, FL; Electrical Workers (IBEW), 7,100 workers

Western Union Telegraph Co., Interstate; United Telegraph Workers, 3,300 workers

Retail trade-food stores

Food Employers Council, Inc., southern California; Food and Commercial Workers, 57,900 workers Finance, insurance, and real estate

Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Michigan, Michigan; Automobile Workers, 4,000 workers Services

Massachusetts Maintenance Contractors Association (building cleaning), Massachusetts; Service Employees, 7,500 workers

Public activity


Garden Grove Board of Education, California; National Education Association (Ind.), 1,800 workers

Christiana School District (teachers), Delaware; National Education Association (Ind.), 1,200 workers

Brevard County Board of Education (teachers), Florida; American Federation of Teachers, 3,500 workers

Boise Board of Education (teachers), Florida; National Education Association (Ind.), 1,200 workers

Chicago Board of Education (cafeteria workers), Illinois; Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees, 3,100 workers

Chicago Board of Education (custodians and clerical workers), Illinois; Service Employees, 4,500 workers

Chicago Board of Education teachers), Illinois; American Federation of Teachers, 25,000 workers

University of Illinois (clerical unit); Service Employees, 1,300 workers

Grand Rapids Board of Education (teachers and related professionals), Michigan; National Education Association Ind.), 1,750 workers

Omaha Board of Education (teachers), Nebraska; National Education Association (Ind.), 2,750 workers

Albuquerque Board of Education (teachers), New Mexico; American Federation of Teachers, 5,000 workers

New York City University (faculty and related professionals), New York; Professional Staff Congress (Ind.), 13,500 workers

Cleveland Board of Education (teachers), Ohio; American Federation of Teachers, 4,468 workers
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Date:Jul 1, 1990
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