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Major Victorian poets.

Hallam, Arthur

One of the happiest aspects of Tennyson's student life at Cambridge was becoming a member of The Apostles, a group of intellectual undergraduates who questioned conventional beliefs and ideas. One member, Arthur Hallam, a brilliant Eton graduate, befriended Tennyson, who was the studentpoet of the group. When Tennyson left Cambridge in 1831 without taking his degree, Hallam remained his friend. In 1833, while visiting in Vienna, Hallam suddenly and unexpectedly died. Tennyson was plunged into a period of grief and sorrow during which he published nothing. Although he was silent, it was during this time that Tennyson began to write his elegy to his friend. Though Hallam lived only twenty-two years, because of his friendship with Tennyson and because of the poem "In Memoriam" that Tennyson wrote to honor him, he is given a place in English cultural history.

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Title Annotation:Literary Names and Terms: People and Places; poet Alfred Lord Tennyson's friend Arthur Hallam
Author:McCoy, Kathleen; Harlan, Judith
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