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Major Patrick Anderson, United States Army receives an award from the Government of Djibouti: award presented by United States Ambassador to Djibouti Marguerita Dianne Ragsdale.

First I have to say how delighted I was to hear that the Government of Djibouti was recognizing the invaluable contributions of Major Patrick Anderson, (USA) to the strong and vibrant relationship between our two countries. Thank you, your Excellency, for bestowing on us such a great honor. The medal you have awarded Major Anderson is not only a great honor for him, but an honor as well for my Mission, the American military and the United States of America as a whole. Exemplary service by men like Major Anderson nurtures the bonds between nations and promotes the common good of peace, security and mutual understanding.

I want to thank you, your Excellency, and the government of Djibouti for recognizing with this medal the hard work and dedication of Major Anderson. The years since he arrived here in Djibouti have been a time of accomplishment and progress. We have seen an ever-strengthening bond of friendship and cooperation between our two nations, which has resulted in a better way of life for many. We still have much to do. The American government remains committed to assisting the Djiboutian government, its military and its people.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Major Anderson for his tireless efforts to serve the American government and to assist the Government of Djibouti: Patrick, your commitment, counsel and vision have been invaluable to the U.S. Embassy in Djibouti and to me personally. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, ideas and opinions. Thank you for playing an active role in the Embassy community. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to do the best possible job for your military and your country. Thanks also to your family for their many sacrifices, which help make your service possible.

Your Excellency, I have faith that the relationship between Djibouti and the United States will continue to prosper and grow. As Major Anderson prepared to leave Djibouti, we are very much reassured that the positive contributions he has made to this relationship will be long-remembered by all of us assembled here today.
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Date:Jun 22, 2005
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