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Maintenance trends from FY14 Class B and C mishaps.

Trends from the 37 Class B and C mishaps where maintenance was an accepted causal factor. While this doesn't go into the specifics of each event, some broad generalizations are included in areas with multiple occurrences.

Failure to follow pubs/supervision (26)

* 3 Class B ($3M)

* 23 Class C ($3.95M with 3 pending)

Common Factors: improper completion of special/conditional inspections, lack of QA/CDI/SUP involvement/supervision, not heeding Notes/ Cautions/Warnings lack of knowledge/experience, improper daily/pre-flight inspections, poor communication/pass down, complacency.

Low power/high power turn up (3)

* 3 Class C ($804,000)

* Common Factor: FOD.

Towing evolutions (4)

* 4 Class C ($424,000 with 3 pending)

* Common Factors: rushing to complete task, failing to ensure proper clearance around obstacles. Maintainer slipping/falling (4)

* 4 Class C (fractured wrist; fractured orbital, fractured right maxillary, right frontal epidural hemorrhage, right distal fracture; fractured feet; fractured wrist, concussion)

* Common Factors: lack of QA/CDI/SUP involvement/ supervision, not heeding Notes/Cautions/Warnings, lack of knowledge/experience, not performing effective ORM, complacency.

Total cost = $8.2 million

Total injuries = 4

Total by Platforms

FA-18A-F       18   F-35     1
H-60           4    H-53     1
MV-22          3    KC-130   1
AV-8B          2    P-3C     1
UH-1Y          2    T-44C    1
C-9            1    T-45C    1
EA-6B/EA-18G   1
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Date:Jun 22, 2014
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