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Maintenance allocation charts changing.

Most mechanics know about the four levels of maintenance: unit, direct support, general support, and depot.

Life will be easier in the future if soldiers who maintain equipment understand the changes that are coming. Changes to future maintenance allocation charts reflect a changing philosophy in Army maintenance operations.

A new system of maintenance will use field and sustainment as the two levels of maintenance.

Field maintenance will include operator/crew and unit maintenance and selected direct support tasks. Maintenance at this level will generally be "on-system" replacement of defective components and preventive maintenance. Repaired equipment remains with the unit.

Sustainment maintenance covers selected DS, general support, and depot "off-system" repairs of defective equipment/components. Repaired equipment/components are returned to the Army supply distribution system.

Under these two levels, C, O and F level maintenance will be field categories on new and revised maintenance allocation charts. Categories H, L and D will be sustainment tasks.
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