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Maintenance And Repair Of Gases Installation.

Tenders are invited for Maintenance and repair of gases installation.

The public procurement procedure is being conducted to conclude a framework agreement on public procurement

procurement of services for a period of three years for 2019, 2020 and 2021, with reopening

Competition, with a minimum of 2 (two) bidders who will fulfill the mandatory and additional conditions from the

tender documentation and requirements regarding other circumstances on which admissibility depends

offers, which are defined by the tender documentation. The subject of the framework agreement is

determining the conditions for concluding a single contract / purchase order for the public procurement in question.

Based on the framework agreement when the need for the services concerned arises, the Purchaser will

to suppliers with whom the framework agreement has been concluded to send an invitation to submit bids which will

contain requests for specific procurement, as well as detailed Specification of services. After the election

the most favorable bid, applying the "lowest offered price" criterion, will be selected by the supplier

by which a single contract / order will be concluded.

The procedure is conducted in accordance with Art. 32, 40 and 40a. Of the Law on Public Procurement for the conclusion

framework agreement, and this framework agreement of one contracting authority - the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Republic of Serbia with at least two bidders / suppliers.

The framework agreement is concluded with at least two bidders / suppliers, ie with all

to suppliers / suppliers who will fulfill the mandatory and additional requirements from Articles 75 and 76 of the Law on Public


The duration of the framework agreement is 3 (three) years, and comes into force on the day of the mutual signing of the agreement.

During the period of validity of this framework agreement, several orders / contracts are envisioned in

depending on the Client%s actual needs.

The Model Framework Agreement is an integral part of the tender documentation.

It is necessary to initial the last page of the framework agreement, or to sign it by the authorized person

representative of the bidders and delivered to the offer. The signed model of the framework agreement will be proof that the bidder

accepts all the conditions stated in this tender documentation.

The framework agreement model is identical with the final version of the agreement. Eligibility Criteria : Criteria for ranking bids

The framework agreement will be concluded with all bidders whose bid is deemed acceptable , in accordance with the above

submitted evidence of fulfillment of mandatory and additional conditions. The orderer will, when the need arises

to the relevant services , invite all suppliers with whom he concluded the framework agreement to submit a bid for

the requested service and the application of the criteria, the lowest offered price will be selected by the supplier and issued

order / conclude a contract. If two or more offers have the same lowest offered price as

the most favorable bid will be the selected bid of that bidder who has offered a shorter service deadline, and if so

the delivery deadline is the same, the selected bidder will be selected who offered a longer validity period of the bid.


The subject of public procurement is the maintenance and repair of gas installations, as follows:

- repair and maintena


Address : Belgrade, Kneza Milosa 103.

Email :

Url :

Tender notice number : 69/19

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2019-08-19

Tender documents : T445775738.htm

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jul 18, 2019
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